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Welcome back to another episode of Twinfinite Discusses. We took a week off so we could finally change our clothes. I hope you’re happy. Newcomer Austin joins the fray this week as we discuss whether graphics are the cornerstone of the console war right now, which next-gen controller is best, and whose faces would be on a Mt. Rushmore for gaming. Thanks for all the questions sent in and see you next Tuesday for another Twinfinite Discusses!


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  • rudero

    My view on graphics is this… Yes they do matter when purchasing a new console. This is what gamers wait for if building a pc is not their thing. We always look forward to something new and more advanced.
    Now console vs console… we are in new territory now that there are differences between the three.
    Games matter the most per the mid to end of the cycle of said consoles for at the beginning, we want the shiny. Always have always will.
    My example… 3ds. Stumbled out the gates per a not so large gap in power but once the price and games fell into place and time had passed, it no longer mattered how powerful it was.
    I believe it then comes to track records on what is most important longevity of support for your purchase and diversity of games.