[Updated] Pro League of Legends Player Promise Reveals Match Fixing, Attempts Suicide


Professional League of Legends player Cheon “Promise” Min-ki posted a suicide note today detailing a game fixing scandal involving his professional team, AHQ Korea. The note, posted on Promise’s private Facebook page, reveals that AHQ Korea coach, Noh Dae Chul, attempted to threaten the team into purposefully losing games in the OGN tournament, earning him money from illegal bets placed against the team. When Promise and his team refused Noh’s coercion, they returned home to find Noh selling their practice computers and threatening to evict the players from their apartment. Promise and his team, unwilling to fix matches, agreed to quit and requested AHQ pay their owed salary. AHQ, however, resisted all monetary claims, and remains in debt to the players.

A series of tweets from LoL analyst and friend of Promise, MonteCristo, give information regarding Promise’s condition and actions being taken in Korea. Promise, after jumping off a 12 story building in an attempted suicide, landed on a recycling collection bin, avoiding death. He has been hospitalized with bruises and fractures, and although he has awoken from his coma, he will be facing a long recovery.

The Korean Police, along with the Korea e-Sports Association and Riot Korea, are already forming an investigation into AHQ and searching for the now missing Noh. Betting scandals are serious criminal acts, and it is expected that the Korean government will become heavily involved in the situation.

A roughly translated copy of Promise’s post can be found here on the League of Legends forums.


For those wishing to donate to Promise and his struggling family, Inven, a huge eSports website in Korea, is hosting a fundraiser to aid in medical expenses. Info can be found here.


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  • BorlogMalgar

    This is devistating to the competitive League scene. Promise was one of the best ADCs I had ever seen and it is terrible that this happened the way it did. I hope Promise has a speedy recovery and can come back to the competitive scene again.

    • Sharon Coone

      I agree. I’m proud of him and his team for resisting AHQ, and hopefully the KeSA take proper action. Promise was an amazing marksman, and was extremely lucky today. I wish him a safe recovery.

  • Nicole

    That’s horrible, I hope he recovers well and they manage to move on with their lives and this doesn’t impact their career :/