Twinfinite Loop Podcast Episode 6 – “Thank You Based Beacon”


Hey there listeners!  Sorry for the brief sabbatical, the show was undergoing technical difficulties for a bit, but we’re back and better than ever!  Well, almost back– this week it’s just me and Andy, so get ready as we talk about some of the most absurd stuff we’ll probably talk about on this show for a while, including–

  • Good and bad controller designs, old and new
  • A little bit of Virtual Boy discussion
  • Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
  • …and more!

So, yeah, strap yourselves in and prepare to feel the G’s!  You can listen to the episode and download it here or you can grab it off of iTunes and subscribe to us there too.  And while you’re at it, why don’t you drop us a review and/or a rating or something of the sort.

You know you waaaaant to.


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John-Charles writes, draws, thinks, and plays video games.  Currently working on a degree in communications and cinema studies, he is interested in the culture of media and how people choose to interact with it, specifically video games.  As far as games go, he is self-proclaimed retro gamer with interests in rhythm games and classic Sega works.  He current also draws comics which can be found at