Twinfinite Loop Podcast, Episode 07 – “F R I E N D S”


Happy Monday, listeners!  Has it been as busy for you as it has been for me?  I sure hope not, it’s been pretty damn busy for me!  Hopefully you’re done so you can sit back in an easy chair with a stout glass of port by the fire, ready to enjoy the newest episode of Twinfinite Loop!

In this week’s episode JC, Yami, Andy, and Muaz discuss:

  • Project Morpheus
  • The life and death of couch multiplayer
  • We love all of you
  • Assassin’s Ass
  • …and more!

It’s a really humdinger of an episode this week, so listen already, why don’t you, and get ready for one heck of a good time!  It’s good for you, I promise!

You can listen and download it here or you can find us on iTunes where you can subscribe to us!


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John-Charles writes, draws, thinks, and plays video games.  Currently working on a degree in communications and cinema studies, he is interested in the culture of media and how people choose to interact with it, specifically video games.  As far as games go, he is self-proclaimed retro gamer with interests in rhythm games and classic Sega works.  He current also draws comics which can be found at