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Twinfiknights, I need help. I got addicted to Hearthstone. That’s not the end of my problem, though. I… I may have started a WoW Starter Edition account and have been playing it since. It’s a wonder I even made this episode of Gaming Happens. But look, if you’re like me and haven’t played since “back in the day,” you’d be surprised exactly how much our beloved WoW has changed.


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Yami is Founder and Publisher of this fine establishment. When not ranting about video game advertising, she's trying to make the gaming community less cynical. You can find her on the Youtubes.

  • Caleb Adcock

    Man I hate that start stop rant video editing.

    • http://www.twinfinite.net/ idsanty

      I’m sorry ya hate my style, friend. But thanks for watching anyway. :)

      • Caleb Adcock

        Don’t be sorry, thank Jenna Bananas or whatever her name is for my disdain. Is that kind of editing easier than say writing out a monolog and editing it when you are recording and come up with something to add? Just curious.

        • http://www.twinfinite.net/ idsanty

          Lmao, Jenna Bananas is a glorious name. And it’s way easier for me since I don’t have a prompter and suck at memorizing. Also I tend to mispronounce shit all the time and ruin my lines because of it. I write with the edits in mind now, since I know I have to do them for the time being.

          • Caleb Adcock

            Well thanks for the replys, I think you just earned a fan. I apologize for busting your chops about the editing and thank you for educating me that it is not always laziness bringing about these types of videos. My mistake by the way it is Jenna Marbles I was referring to.