Titanfall Figurines Will Be Online Soon From Threezero Toys


The Titans of Titanfall have sort of become the mascots of the next-generation for me. Nothing has so made me feel like I’m in the next generation like ripping some poor bastard out of his Titan mid battle with my giant steel hand of doom and destruction. They also have the side effect of making me really, really want some Titan action figures because I am a child.

Fortunately, Threezero Toys is going to fulfill my dreams; they now have the rights to develop their expensive goddamn brand of statues for Titanfall, and they’re going to be starting with a 20 inch Atlas with Pilot included. Sadly, these things are going to be fucking expensive (Threezero statues usually run in the hundreds of dollars), but if its anything like their previous work, it’ll be worth the price, especially if the finished product looks like the preview image you see above.