Make It So – Frozen in Kingdom Hearts III


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When Frozen hit theaters last winter, I gave it the cold shoulder (ha ha) and thought to myself, “Meh, I’m so over Disney.” I had been burned time and time again ever since the release of Up, Brave, and Tangled. None of Disney’s and Pixar’s ‘new-school’ animated movies were doing anything for me and I just didn’t feel that the studios would ever be able to recapture the magic of its classics again.

So I missed the movie in theatres, but I certainly did not miss the craze over it. I mean, fans were rabid over Frozen. When the Blu-Ray saw its official release just over a couple of weeks ago, I decided to give it a shot. And lo and behold, Frozen melted my icy cold heart.

The movie hit all the right beats with its catchy music, loveable characters, silly dialogue, heartwarming moments, and Elsa’s ice powers. Now I feel it’s important to mention that I am an ardent fan of Tetsuya Nomura’s Kingdom Hearts series and how sweet and gooey it gets with its simple and very uncomplicated storyline (“My friends are my power!”). By the time the credits were rolling, I had only one thought running through my mind: “Kingdom Hearts III needs a Frozen world.”

I’ve mulled over this for a few days and here are five reasons why a Frozen world would work really well in a Kingdom Hearts game:


1. It has catchy musical numbers

Frozen has a whole bag of catchy songs that would sound great as instrumental versions in Kingdom Hearts III. The game’s soundtrack composer, Yoko Shimomura, has done a fantastic job thus far with iconic themes such as Under The Sea and This Is Halloween. I’m confident that she would be able to take Frozen’s tunes and turn them into pieces of memorable game music as well. Besides, there’s already a fan-made version of a Kingdom Hearts III Frozen battle theme on YouTube. It uses Do You Want To Build A Snowman as its base and sounds so similar to Shimomura’s composing style it’s almost frightening, yet lovely at the same time.


2. It would be the first ice-themed world

Yes yes, I know Kingdom Hearts II already had a Christmas version of Halloweentown but this is different. Frozen’s world would be completely covered in ice and an eternal winter, and Sora’s objective would be to reverse this wintry weather. In tandem with previous Kingdom Hearts games, it would be cool to see Sora, Donald and Goofy decked out in ice-themed costumes, complete with an ice-themed keyblade. We’ve already seen the jungle, the computer world, and the desert in previous Kingdom Hearts titles. I think it’s time we got an icy realm thrown into the mix.


3. Having Olaf or Marshmallow as summons

As per all the previous Kingdom Hearts titles, Sora would usually receive a new summon after locking the keyhole in the world. The summoned creature would be an iconic character (usually a non-human) such as Mushu or Genie. Olaf was a fan-favorite in the movie and it would certainly be interesting to be able to summon him in battle. He could have similar abilities to other summons like Bambi and Tinker Bell, and drop MP balls or revive Sora once when he’s KO’d. Another possible summoning option is Marshmallow, Elsa’s snowman guardian, who would probably be more inclined towards brute melee support if we ever did get a Frozen world in Kingdom Hearts III.


4. “Love will thaw.”

Friendship and strong bonds has always been a prevalent theme in Kingdom Hearts. I mean, I don’t think you could play any Kingdom Hearts game without having someone tell you that “your hearts are connected” (or some variation of it) at least once. Sora and Riku made their peace with each other at the end of the first game, while Aqua, Terra, and Ventus made a pact to stay with each other no matter what. At the end of Dream Drop Distance, most of the main characters are already in a comfortable place and have solidified their friendships. Since Frozen tells a strong story about sisterly love and the importance of family, wouldn’t it be especially fitting for Sora to draw upon his experiences and help repair the relationship between Anna and Elsa? I certainly believe a Frozen world would be a great place to expound on those concepts.


5. It’s quickly becoming a Disney classic

Frozen won big at the Oscars this year. It won the awards for Best Animated Movie as well as Best Original Song. Not only that, it was in theaters for the longest time and even now, fans will not stop asking their friends if they want to build a snowman. My point, simply, is this: the reception for Frozen has been phenomenal. It’s easy to imagine this movie being a shining gem in Disney’s ever-growing repertoire of movies released in the 21st century. Having a Frozen world would definitely hike up the anticipation for Kingdom Hearts III when it does have an official release date.

So there you have it. I firmly believe that Frozen would make a very compelling world for Kingdom Hearts III and there is just so much potential here for Square Enix to tap into. Get on it, Nomura!

  • Kurayamino

    I would love a Frozen world in KH3! And if they managed to put a Pirates world in KH2, a Frozen world should be no problem.

  • idsanty

    I had been burnt out from Disney, too! But man did Frozen revitalize me, like you said. Also, I wanna see Lion King (again and forever), Marvel, and Star Wars worlds.

  • MikeEaton

    I spent a long time acting too cool for school about Disney stuff, but Frozen was straight up amazing.

    • Graditfied

      fuwerhgin beast mang

  • Graditfied

    Thanks! this was awesome!

    • munnyndonuts

      Thanks for reading! No one understands the lengths I’d go to for a Frozen world.

  • Graditfied

    This needs to happened.

  • Isthe Chowdhury

    On top of all this, it would be a really great way for sora to get the Diamond Dust Key blade

    • munnyndonuts

      You’re right, I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!

      • fortify45

        Im digging the idea of also letting Kairi in on the mix as well! As said in “dream drop distance” at the end cut scene, she was seen as being a new keyblade wielder. Dontcha it would be awesome to see some kind of teamwork mission with Kairi taking the lead, and having Sora be a supporting teammate for a change and then giving Kairi (or both,but it sounds better if only Kairi gets it)the Diamond Dust keyblade?

  • Dahem Ghamdi

    did you forget about Mulan’s world ? it had snowy mountains …

    • munnyndonuts

      Well yeah, but that was just a set piece in the world. A Frozen world would have ice and snow EVERYWHERE!