Unity Provides More Details for Free PSM Build Option


We’ve received more details from Unity concerning its free PlayStation Mobile build option. With Unity for PSM, indie developers will not need a PS Vita Dev Kit and will have a much easier time producing content for the Vita.

However, unlike the existing Vita build option from Unity, it does not provide developers with “full native access” to the Vita and PSN. It is unclear if Unity for PSM will include the Visual Studio integration and Razor CPU/GPU performance tools. The build itself is still in its beta stage at this point in time and content cannot yet be published to the PlayStation store.

A dedicated version of Unity’s engine with the PSM build option is available for download. The PSM build option will also be made available for both the Pro and Free versions of Unity.

That said, this development continues to look promising for indie developers that want exposure for their creative gaming ideas. It looks like Sony’s PS Vita just might be the place to look at for indie titles.


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