Fox News Implicates Dark Souls in Miranda Barbour Murders


Oh Fox News. Your ability to baselessly pin tragedy on videogames is unmatched. This time it is implied that Dark Souls, or as the analyst so eloquently refers to it “Dark Soul”, is responsible for ‘Craigslist Killer’ Miranda Barbour’s alleged satanic inspired serial killing rampage across the United States. Right now only the death of electrical engineer Troy LaFerrara is confirmed.

The death of Tony LaFerra and potentially many others is a terrible thing and people are going to look for reasons for how a person could commit such heinous crimes. However, it is irresponsible to attach a videogame to this tragedy, especially when there is evidence that Barbour suffered long term sexual abuse as a child, spent time in mental institutions, had ties to violent satanic cults, and developed serious drug problems. It is probably safe to assume that these issues probably had more to do with the alleged murders than Dark Souls did. It’s a whole lot easier though to just say videogames did it and call it a day right Fox News?


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  • Alissa McAloon

    What in the literal actual fuck. The dude mentions “Dark Soul”, stutters through the platforms its for because fuck doing research, then spends 1/8 of the time offhandedly mentioning that she was abused as a child. Apparently video games are literally worse than child abuse.

    • Matthew Engesser

      Ever since I played Mario I have been jumping on peoples heads and doing shrooms. My father beat me and was a drug dealer but Mario is what stayed with me.

    • Ed McGlone

      Be sure to check out Dark Soul, out now for PlayStation and other video type things.

      • DarthDiggler


        It’s a 34 second clip, obviously trimmed to have the most dramatic effect, also this is from last year I believe. This news has been regurgitated many times.

        It’s completely taken out of context because the only reason it was brought up is because the investigation revealed she had played the game. The investigators thought it was worth mentioning and thus the legal analyst felt it worth mentioning.

        There is likely few details about her child abuse, unless it was documented when it happened, but Miranda may be of an age where things like that didn’t get reported as often. Even it if was documented likely those documents have court seals on them, what video games someone plays does not.

        Can’t you come up with anything better to cover than a 34 second clip from a FOX NEWS show that aired in like December or January?

        • Ed McGlone

          The fact that they thought it was worth mentioning at all is a concern to me.

  • frankgrimes78

    Okay just shoot me now because I’m sick and friggen tired of the conservative agenda trying to draw attention away from gun control. 13, 000 people die from guns a year in the states, the statistics can’t be changed. So just do what you do and pay enough money through your lobbyists to ensure that no gun control law will ever be passed and leave the rest of us alone. It started with movies in the 80′s, then Rap music for a bit in the 90′s until the video game excuse came along and they still cling to that one for some reason.

    • Unavengedavo

      According to this graph, gun violence has gone down O_o

    • Ed McGlone

      Well in this case I would suggest fully reading the linked article. Miranda Barbour strangled and stabbed her victim to death. Gun control is a separate issue. I just don’t want videogames unfairly linked to crimes such as these.