Left 4 Dead Headed to Japanese Arcades


There’s a new Left 4 Dead game in the works, but it might not be the one you expected, or even wanted. In fact, you probably won’t even be able to feasibly play it unless you happen to live on the Eastern side of the world. More specifically, Japan, where video game arcades are still very much a thing.


According to a teaser image posted on the  official Nesica website, Left 4 Dead Zansonsha-tachi, or Left 4 Dead Survivor is coming to Japanese arcades in the near future. No further details were made available, but it will be fun to speculate what an arcade manifestation of Left 4 Dead could be like.


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Jessica is an English teacher in Japan by way of Pennsylvania. She has a masters degree in Book History which she puts to good use by teaching Japanese high school girls how to pronounce the soft "s" in her name and shooting aliens in the face with deadly accuracy. Apart from games she loves hiking, exercising, cake, naps, and is a big old nerd for reading and Medieval lit.