Call of Duty Teaser Image Decoded with Cryptography Software


As you may know, a teaser page for the next Call of Duty┬áhas appeared online, featuring a mysterious broken feed-type image of something. Well, we here at the Twinfinite office are just aching with anticipation as to what could possibly be veiled within this picture. And so, through the magic of science and sophisticated cryptography software, we’re going in and decoding the image, undoing its effects, solving the puzzle, and showing you what will be featured in the new Call of Duty entry.

First, this is the image in question:


So far so good. As you can see, we’re fiddling with some of the effects to try and see what works best in countering the mess. After some effort, we finally got some results:


All right, now we’re getting somewhere! Now, I could be wrong, but those look like legs to me. It’s taking some time to render, and we really don’t want to wait, so here’s the blurry stuff we’ve got so far. Why stop there though? Let’s keep going:


So the character is standing by a cliff over what could be a city somewhere, but, now that the legs have been rendered a bit more, there’s something really strange about the figure. Its legs are oddly misshapen. The plot thickens. Well, let’s finish it up then and see what this game is going to be about already:


What? Is that what I think it is?!


Yep, that’s definitely a Velociraptor Mongoliensis! I can’t say I saw this coming. Very clever, Activision. It’s a bold new direction for the franchise, but there you have it, folks; the next Call of Duty is about dinosaurs… Dinosaurs and private military contractors. We can’t make this stuff up. This is excellent news for fans of the series who have been eagerly waiting for dinosaurs to be implemented in the series.

We’ll be sure to update you with any news on what other species will be playable in the final game when it releases never.


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  • Solid Snake

    ok im sold!

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  • Laith

    Brilliant! Best article I’ve read in months

  • Ed McGlone

    I’m glad that COD is finally trying something new. Looking forward to this new direction they are going in. Really miss the Turok games.

  • chris

    lol, thats just the wallpaper or boxart, if you look hard enough it looks just like the soldier in the dessert holding the rifle