The Elder Scrolls Online 50% off 2 Months After Release


It’s been 2 months since The Elder Scrolls Online brought Tamriel to the MMO scene, and retailers are marking the occasion with a 50% discount. Major retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop list The Elder Scrolls Online (PC/Mac) for a sweet $29.99. The sale certainly doesn’t mark the demise of ESO, but maybe signals the struggling climate for non-free-to-play MMO’s these days. On the other hand, it’s definitely not uncommon for PC games to pull out a great sale this long after release.

This could very well be a well-timed summer promotion, or even a Father’s Day sale. I know my dad would love nothing more than to have his fatherhood rewarded with an homage to nordic dragon slaying.


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  • spideynut71

    I don’t mind paying the $60 for the game…just drop the damn sub.

  • Xiosade

    “but maybe signals the struggling climate for non-free-to-play MMO’s these days.”

    it signals the release of wildstar and it signals that eso has failed to fix hes bugs and hes unballanced skill system.its a fail game easy as that ofc every1 left it to rot and to let it die

  • Ed McGlone

    Final Fantasy XIV and even Final Fantasy XI, still have monthly subscriptions. It’s amazing how they pull that off where others have failed.