The 8 Most Defining Games of the Last Generation


With E3 less than 48 hours away, many gamers are excitedly looking forward to the future of gaming. New trailers and details of our anticipated games will have many clamoring around a TV or computer screen anxiously awaiting news. But before we fully give into the oncoming tide of “next-gen,” we here at Twinfinite take a moment to look back upon the games and gaming franchises that molded our experiences and are worthy of the title of “greatest game of the last generation.”

And so in no particular order, we begin… 

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  • Matt Kim

    Uncharted 2 was the best Uncharted.

    • idsanty


      • Alex Castro

        Star Wars 1313 was the best Uncharted.

        Oh wait T____T

    • Austin Garcia

      Your face was the worst Uncharted

  • Alexei Cherkasov

    omg the list had SR3 and neither RDR, nor gtaV? wtf

  • andy

    Hmm yeah Uncharted 2 had better pacing.
    Metal Gear 4 was out to early in the generation I would say. If that had of been on the Fox engine :S
    Halo 3 really? Not Reach the one that was bigger and better in every single way? Halo3’s hype was and still is the most overhyped/rated game in history, if you worked in retail back then, you KNOW what I am talking about.
    Saints Row 3? lol okay
    Tekken Tag 2. Although Tekken is my fighting game of choice and I don’t care much for Street Fighter, this should really be given to SF IV. I mean the reviews and fan feedback are gargantuan compared to Tekken this generation even though personally I still hate SF IV myself.

  • bigshynepo

    I would’ve included …..FALLOUT 3!

    FPS-RPG … I loved the first two fallouts 20 years ago and never imagined when I played them what Fallout 3 would become. Bethesda nailed it.

  • Edonus

    No Gears of War? Instant fail.

    And no Fallout…..? Can’t be taken serious.

    • munnyndonuts

      You do realize that this is a list of games that the staff members chose as their own favorite games of the last generation?

  • HipHop1980

    Last Of US?

  • miyamoto

    yup Uncharted is up there with the best games ever made. 200 GOTY Awards and 39 Perfect Scores