The Top 5 Hardest Champions in LoL


Last week, I brought you who I thought are the easiest champions to play in League of Legends. For the sake of continuity (and maybe talking about champions that I can’t play, at all) this week I’ll bring you who I think are the hardest champions to play in LoL.

Disclaimer: These are champions that I believe are the most mechanically difficult to play and master. This doesn’t mean you can’t play them, it just means that they take a lot of practice and expertise to use them to their full potential.

Top Lane — Rumble

Rumble LoL

Although Rumble has fallen out of favor in the current meta, he is still one of the harder top laners to learn to play well. His Overheat passive has to be taken into account in order to use his abilities to their full potential and players often struggle with farming effectively while also using his Flamespitter ability. Being useful in a teamfight with Rumble is also almost entirely dependent on landing his ultimate in both a good place and at a good angle. When Rumble does do well though, he can be quite the damage dealer for his team and offers a lot of teamfight utility with his ultimate.

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  • Timothy Ge

    While I think that these are certainly harder to play champions, where is Yasuo and Twisted fate in this scenario? Twisted fate’s card management can be difficlt, especially when the card you needed a second ago when you picked it is not the card you need now.
    Yasuo has his Q stacks to manage, and must time hit ult perfectly, since it alone can grant penta-kills. his ult also requires communication with the team to time knock ups right. The positioning problems with his dash are a challenge, as he must travel a minimum distance with it and there is no chance to adjust, but it can set up plays as an assassin when you dash through the tank and behind the ADC for a kill. Finally, his passive shield proc only happens once in a team fight, maybe again if you chase an enemy down, and procing it off the first spell of a burst combo (if its CC then props) is very important, as it allows you to stay in the teamfight. In my opinion, Yasuo is the most difficult to play champion.

    • Ruyh

      Twisted fate and most of this champions cant be compared to leblanc

  • Ujvári Bálint

    Timothy, I think the list is perfect, and im saying that after years of experience. There are obviously other champions to mention, and one might argue which is the hardest to manage in the latest patch, but they are certainly among the hardest.

  • Rogther

    I only dissagree with Draven, I think its actually really easy to play. Theo only challenge there is with him is catching the axes, and it is not even that hard.


      “Really easy to play” its not all about catching axes lol u newbie. Positioning in teamfights and dealing enough damage without being blown up is the most difficult part.