The Top 5 PSP Exclusives


Now that the PSP has been discontinued in Japan – its best market by far – it’s only a matter of time until the struggling handheld gets the boot in North America and the PAL regions.

That being said, the PSP was one of the most underrated portable consoles released to date. Let’s look back at a few of the excellent titles to be released exclusively for the PSP (in no particular order).

Valkyria Chronicles 2

A Fencer takes out a commando behind cover.

A Fencer takes out a commando behind cover.

It was a huge disappointment when Sega decided that the sequel to the PS3’s excellent tactical RPG Valkyria Chronicles would be developed for the PSP. Whether or not the PSP was the best platform for this game is irrelevant, however, as it turned out to still be one of the best games released for the PSP.

Featuring difficult and complex tactical combat blending turn-based strategy and real-time third-person action, Valkyria Chronicles also included another incredible soundtrack from Hitoshi Sakimoto and a great narrative. Keeping with the tradition of the previous title, Valkyria Chronicles 2’s cast of characters carried the game to excellence along with its deep RPG system and incredible gameplay that lasted for hours.

Along with a third title that hasn’t (yet) made it to English, Valkyria Chronicles 2 was a PSP exclusive that made getting the system worthwhile. With something for JRPG and strategy fans alike, this was a game not to miss. You can still download it from the PSN and play it on the Vita, and if you haven’t had a chance I highly recommend giving it a shot.

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  • Chris Yuen

    but Persona 4 Golden can’t be played on the PSP.

    • threepwood007

      Your ninja powers are strong. By the time I realized what I had done and edited it, it was apparently too late. Thanks for the heads-up and for reading! :-)

      • Chris Yuen

        nice list though, will definitely rank VC3 above VC2 if it’s eligible. Yay for fan-patch I guess? Still hoping Shahid’s #jrpgvita thing works out.

        • threepwood007

          Sweet bejeebus, if I could put VC3 on here I would. I tried to keep it to “official” releases but man was the third good. Of all the games that deserved to be in HD.

          • 大王 アレクサンダー

            Yep VC3 > VC2! It’s not like VC2 is bad, its a really good game, but 3 is just a lot lot better

  • Gene

    what an awful list.

  • Sharon Coone

    Great list! Gives me a craving to pick up my PSP haha