E3 – Breaking Down Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End E3 Trailer


Is this the end of the line for Nathan Drake? It certainly looks like it from the new trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Sony’s E3 conference ended with the best the PlayStation can offer and currently, the best is synonymous with Uncharted. Originally derided as “Dude Raider” the Uncharted series is currently Sony’s undisputed flagship title.

This makes me excitedly terrified about the direction the game seems to be taking in its 4th, perhaps even last installment. The short but incredibly effective trailer posed us with a lot of questions and I’d like to go down the big ones before Uncharted 4′s release in 2015

2Panning out we see a visibly aged Nathan Drake beginning, as always, in what looks to be a bad situation. Whether waking up in the middle of the Saharan Desert or a dangling train, starting face deep and cut-up on shore is nothing new for Nathan Drake, only is he still up to the challenge?

“You’ve been out of the game for a long time” says Sully’s disembodied voice. But how long has he been out of the game for exactly?

1We see Drake going the Solid Snake route for his 4th installment sporting a couple gray hairs and wrinkles, but that’s not what interests me the most. Notice on his left hand? It’s a wedding ring. Now we know that he ends up back with his ex-wife, Elena Fisher, at the end of Uncharted 3 but could that be the reason for finally settling down? I wouldn’t see why not, given that his continuous adventuring led to their split-up in the first place. But if she was the reason he presumably retired, why is he getting back in the game? Why now?

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  • miyamoto

    “For we receive the due reward of our deeds.”
    That may be the theme of the whole game!
    ND is in god mode this time on PS4!

    Great article!!!!

    Uncharted 4

  • Austin Garcia

    That quote though…

    Fantastic article. Made me want to rewatch the trailer all over again once I was able to compose myself

  • Guest

    It looked quite lame actually. Gameplay is what we need and if it’s like 3, then it’s a big fat NOPE!

  • Orejillz

    I honestly did not notice that quote. Now that you’ve pointed it out for me I’m even more excited for this game.