Fallout 1, 2, And Tactics Have Returned To Steam


You guys may remember that back in January, the first three titles in the Fallout series, the ones developed by Interplay/Black Isle back in the day, were removed from both Good Old Games and Steam. This was because the rights were in the middle of transference between Interplay and Bethesda, the ending of that long, drawn out legal battle between the two companies.

As of today, that has been partly rectified; the original trilogy of Fallout games, Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics have returned to Steam at the price of $9.99 each. There is currently no word on when the games will return to Good Old Games.

War never changes, but sometimes it gets a bit drunk and lost and stumbly, and has to call a cab in order to find its way home. Don’t drink and venture into the nuclear wasteland, kiddies. You can buy the games here.