8 Great Levels Set in the Suburbs


Nothing says ‘middle class’ like the suburbs. In the past few years, my views of the suburbs has changed, however. Call me a sellout if you will, but as I’ve gotten older and started a family, the prospect of living out in a quiet neighborhood without having sirens blaring every night is a welcome one. While I’m all for urban environments as a place for adventure, it’s important to not overlook what’s possible in outlying areas. This is true of video games as well; not only are the suburbs all right in real life, but they’re actually pretty rad whenever they show up in video games too. Here are some levels from games which use ‘the burbs’ as an environment to great effect.

Burger Town – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Burger Town

Up until Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty has been all about taking you to war-torn locations around the world; whether it be the frontlines of World War II or the streets of Kabul. With this release however, the plot focused on an invasion of the United States and a group of Marines attempting to defend against it. Major battles take place in suburban areas as you fight your way through McMansions looking for VIPs, and hide behind plastic recycling dumpsters as you reload and try to beat back invading Russian soldiers. The highlight is when you are holed up in a Burger Town using remote strikes against, like with pop, endless refills of enemies bearing down on you.

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