5 Reasons Why Planescape: Torment Is Great


As Steam´s Summer Sale fades away, slowly, as a pleasant and confusing period, some people seek statistical comfort and explanation as to why wallets are wasted,  while many of us remain wondering other things.

Among many titles, Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition came up as an important offer. People agreed and assured themselves that it was a great buy, and while we awed in nostalgia and greatness concerning one of the most important D&D titles in PC gaming history, I remembered another game that deserved a lot of (and maybe even more) praise – Planescape: Torment.

Here are 5 reasons why this 1999 Black Isle Studios release should be removed from under the shadows of its siblings:

1. It´s a product of that great RPG era that brought us unforgettable series such as Baldur´s Gate and Icewind Dale.

These games were the reason the Infinity Engine became famous. They defined how role playing games should be made. None of the modern games would be the same without this awesome period generated by Black Isle Studios.

In addition, this set of titles determined which D&D should be taken into account (and how) in computer games.

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  • Drew

    This came out when PC gaming was getting too much of a pain for me (expensive graphics cards, not quite knowing if it would run), so I just finally picked this up on GOG. Very excited.

    • http://www.twinfinite.net Gastón García Holtzman

      That is awesome. I do envy your chance to have that first time experience on such a great story. If you don´t mind, please let me know if you actually enjoyed it :)
      Just a last reminder: it is old, really old, so just hold on there til you get used to its style.

  • Vecha

    I played some of the “old school” RPGs back in the day(Baldur’s Gate and Fallout)

    But, sadly, never got to this.

    Need to try it out.