12 Sweetest Game Deals in the Summer Steam Sale


Probably the most anticipated event of the year for PC gamers is the Steam Summer Sale. Getting games for pennies on the dollar is one of the bragging rights for PC gamers, and this event is the motherload.

Since most of the Twinfinite staff prefer playing on PCs, I asked around to see what games everybody got and what they were most excited to play. Everybody had that one deal, planned or unplanned, that they just had to jump on. They weren’t necessarily the cheapest games available, but they were ones that we were dying to get our hands on and the price, as they say, was right.

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  • Jamic

    “I have the impression that many Steam libraries are filled with games that are bought without any intention to actually play – let alone to completion”

    Already having this issue even though my collection isnt even that massive, only played like 10 games and +50 waiting. I too passed on many games this summer sale, Skyrim and Quake Collection being the only purchases I made.