Exclusive European Xbox One Bundles Announced


Microsoft was looked at with raised eyebrows when they released the Xbox One to only countries last November, but it seems they’re trying to right some of their wrongs. Microsoft announced earlier today that they will be releasing two new Xbox One bundles for European countries. The deals can be pre-ordered now in the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia, and Switzerland.

Oof. Those bundles, doe.

Oof. Those bundles, doe.

The bundle is set to include FIFA 15, Forza 5, and Dance Central Spotlight for €500. The other bundle doesn’t include Kinect or Dance Central Spotlight and costs €400.

The Xbox One will become available in 26 new countries, but there’s no confirmation if the bundles will be available for anyone aside from the ones previously listed. The bundles are set for release in September.

  • andy

    Or walk into ANY Gamestop in Norway, Sweden Denmark or Finland and purchase one right now. That’s right, there is so much unsold stock to go around, the other Gamestops in other European countries started spreading their stock around. And this is since the end of January. Ring any Nordic Gamestop store right now and they will tell you they have plenty in stock since Jan.