Our Most Anticipated Fall Releases


The fall is usually the busiest time in the gaming calendar. Developers know they have to get out their games right before the Christmas rush in order to maximize their sales, so most if not all of the high-profile games of the year get crammed into a 2-3 month window. This October alone there are five huge AAA titles coming out that are eagerly being waited for.

Fall 2014 has one distinct advantage over the last few years: the release of the newest generation of consoles. Devs will be trying to take the PS4 and Xbox One and put them through their paces, so all of the fall titles go above and beyond any games released for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and I’m sure gamers wouldn’t want it any other way. I asked my Twinfinite coworkers which games they were most excited for and surprisingly, no two answers were the same.

After reading through all of our picks, let us know in the comments who you agree with and what game you’re most looking too this glorious fall season.

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  • Vecha

    Definitely add me for SA:O.

    Recently started watching it on Netflix. Really excited to sink my teeth into with my Vita.

    Want Destiny as well!