Shadowbound Open Alpha Test Launches July 8th


Browser-based MMORPG’s are often the first port of call for young gamers trying to get into the genre but without the resources to buy a boxed copy of World of Warcraft or Wildstar. It may even surprise you to know that many of these titles have fairly high grade of success from time to time as they put up very few barriers to entry for everyone and don’t require high specced systems to run. The latest to find its way onto the net is Shadowbound, from Reality Squared Games (R2Games). It’s even getting a free Alpha week starting today.

Looking at the developers record (Dragon Pals and Wartune to name a couple) this is likely to be a micro-transaction based free to play title which is looking to offer more than your usual MMO, with NPC allies to manage in a party and puzzle dungeons to trudge through. There is even talk of a story filled with “conspiracy, peril, and intrigue”.  Outside of this information though, details are few and far between.

The Open Alpha Test for Shadowbound will run from July 8th to July 14th, inviting MMO veterans and newbies alike to come take a look to give R2Games feedback on progress so far. Take a running jump to the game’s website, sign up, and provide important feedback to build Shadowbound into a better experience.

Failing that, it’s something to do while waiting for anything else to come out.


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