Bungie Teases Moon Access in Destiny Beta


The Destiny beta launched yesterday on PlayStation consoles and fans are taking the opportunity to explore every nook and cranny that Bungie has made available for them prior to the game’s full release.

Take a poke through the beta’s overworld map and you’ll see the Moon hanging out. Well that looks fun. Let’s go.

Oh hey the moon
A small detail, but still a telling one: you can press the X button to select the moon and delve deeper into the map.

Let's go to the moon
Awesome. Now here we are in the Moon’s individual map. As you can see, there is one location prime for selecting. It may be locked for now, but we should be able to take care of that. Let’s see.

Moon Almost There
Okay, so I don’t meet the requirements just yet. Fine, we can just meet those and then come back later to explore the giant orb of cheese in the sky.

Moon Coming Soon
Oh. Well. Just when you thought you would be able to access the Moon. Bungie, the foul temptress that she is, pulls back.

For many, I can imagine that it seemed possible for players to get onto the Moon and explore it. After all, Bungie sure let us navigate through the maps for a bit only to be rejected. Clearly enough, it seemed to be their own way of injecting into the beta “Hey, if you want to go here, make sure you actually buy Destiny when it launches on September 9th.”

I can’t blame em, after all they are trying to make money off this. But they set a trap, and I fell for it. Oh well. Like you just read, you can enjoy playing Destiny and getting onto the Moon on September 9th on all of PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360.


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  • Guest

    It’s sad that the gameplay is so mediocre. It’s basically Borderlands with a few changes.

    • Patrick Cushing

      I forgot how bad Borderlands was…


      I loved borderlands.

    • Dion Abbott

      Game is awesome you are in the minority, game is gonna eb massive.

    • Dion Abbott

      It’s nothing like borderlands…it’s more mmo. Borderlands is crap in comparison.

    • Chris Jorden

      Huh? have you actually played Borderlands or did you just watch a youtube video? The combat in Destiny is so much better. This is going to be the perfect game.

  • Shawn

    you will def be able to play on the moon after the 2 days of server down time when xbox joins the fray. you notice how venus and mars are absent from the map.

  • http://gionet.ca Jean Gionet

    What are the requirements for the moon?

  • Kory Wright

    Borderlands is bad azz but DESTINY is beautifull in everything from graphics to abilities the early level speeder is cool not to mention the secret unlockable one. The hidden ghosts ive got 26 so far secret back door into devils lair. GAAAAHHHH SO MUCH

    • Kory Wright

      also I managed to kill one of the?? Bosses it was so easy we just kept throwing grenades at him until he fell off the cliff and then we got 400 cash each just for medium deluge s that he was holding a 64 damage level 8 weapon with both bottom half the clip deals bonus damage plus I can shoot ammo with it from anywhere and pick it up

  • Kory Wright

    Also said on the 26 the bonuses we get are permanent

  • Chris Jorden

    My fireteam got to fight on the moon about 6pm est on the 26th. Had to find a dead ghost and return it to the Cryptarch in the Tower. Could only access it once though.