Exploit Migrant Workers in Civilization V FIFA World Cup Mod


The World Cup is behind us, but who says all of the fun has to end? With the new Civilization V mod, available on Steam from Steph Caskenette, you can bring home all the fun, fanfare, and family friendly migrant exploitation of FIFA.

While official FIFA games center around the sport itself, they “don’t showcase the scandal, the copious wealth, [and]the controversial remarks,” reads the mod description. “They’re just about soccer. And that’s not enough. That’s not FIFA.”

The World Cup will come into play through a popular vote in the World Congress, after completing the biology research project. In a mimicry of the Qatar World Cup scandals, players elected as host must raise production to incredible levels, and spend 7 years developing the massive infrastructure their hostly duties require. The impossibly costly development can be made possible by purchasing migrant workers, who for half the price of regular workers will work many more hours, with little food or water.

“They are the foundation on which your brand new stadiums rest on – or at least their bodies will be,” the snarky description states. “But don’t worry when they perish, with 1.4 million units to choose from, it’s a never ending supply of cheap labour!”

Great Steam leaders, your nation calls upon you to restore their FIFA glory. Can you harvest the souls of many tireless workers and build a civilization that will stand the test of time?