Minecraft Made Shot-for-Shot Remake of Star Wars Has a Trailer


Once in a while, a fan project will come roaring out of the dark of the internet that is so bizarre and cool that you can’t help but pay attention to it. In Minecraft, however, it seems like “once in a while” is more like “every goddamn day”, and today is no exception.

Mega Minecraft builder Grahame Skeavington, known on YouTube and his site as “Paradise Decay”, is also a very big fan of a little thing called Star Wars. To the point that he has painstakingly remade the entirety of the first movie, now known as Episode IV: A New Hope, in Minecraft. Every single set, every single character, every single shot of the Lucas directed science fiction classic has been replicated in this shot-for-shot remake of Star Wars.

As in, he’s making the entire movie in game. If this seems utterly ridiculous, then you should check out this trailer Skeavington released today, seen above. According to him, an hour and forty minutes of the two hour long film have been faithfully recreated. If that is not enough, you can see the entire first 30 minutes of the final film here.

Looks like the man knows what he’s doing. Grahame, good luck. And may the force be with you.


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