3 Mandatory Things a New Rock Band Needs


I love Rock Band. A lot.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours mashing plastic buttons, smacking rubber drum pads, banging on a keytar, and screaming into a microphone in front of my TV. To me, Rock Band isn’t just a game, it’s its own pastime. Playing Rock Band is like stepping into the shoes of people immensely more talented than you are, and grabbing a little bit of limelight for yourself. After a recent round of layoffs, I was skeptical that there would be a successor to my favorite rhythm game, until now.

I recently received a survey from Harmonix asking what I would want in a new Rock Band, and it got me thinking of what their needs to be in a new Rock Band to get me to ditch Rock Band 3. Here are three things that Harmonix needs to do to get me on board.


3. Bring It To Next Gen

I love my old consoles. The Xbox 360 and PS3 have brought me countless hours of fun, many of those hours with a plastic instrument in hand. That being said, it’s time to move on. The Xbox One and PS4 are here, and along with them is a dearth of great games. I’ll still use my 360 to play Rock Band Blitz every now and then, but if I’m gonna have friends over to jam, I want them to crowd around my fancy new console–not the old one that’s now NINE years old. I’m not sure if a game like Rock Band could fully utilize the power that the current gen brings, but it’s time for a changing of the guard.

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  • Matt Ng

    Great feature! I was really excited to see Harmonix to send out that survey, it shows that Rock Band is not dead. I would be very interested to see the results of what system people rather have a new Rock Band game on. I know they recently did a poll to see what system people would Amplitude on and about 73% of the people said the PS4.