Battlefield Hardline Delayed, Should We Trust EA?

Hardline, Battlefield

Yet another release date has been moved to 2015, which means this might be one of the most heartbreaking years for gamers. Battlefield fans will have to wait until next year to enjoy the latest title in the series and it’s hard to know whether this is good or bad news. We all know about the Battlefield 4 fiasco and yes, delaying a release to make sure a game is in a perfect state is a sound strategy. The problem is that this “we want Battlefield Hardline to be the best game it can be” line sounds too familiar to be 100% believable. 

I have no intention of bashing EA nor Visceral Games, however, I believe Battlefield fans deserve a lot more than this. We need more than vague ideas that can fit any game like a game of Mad Lib. We deserve to know why our preordered games won’t be there as expected. We have to know if it will really deliver a seamless gaming experience.

When I see the whole timeline of events, it’s a bit off. Battlefield Hardline was a very important highlight during E3. The beta release was a huge live announcement and it all seemed great, yet now that’s all changed. Does this mean the beta was working on a broken version of the game? Did it reveal important issues that needed to be fixed? Are these new problems beyond the already accepted community requests? The answers to these questions would recover some of the faith we already lost during the long months in which Battlefield 4 sucked. Otherwise, I am afraid this could be just a very lame excuse for marketing and financial issues.

Battlefield Hardline

I really want to believe EA and DICE learned something with Battlefield 4. I also know new games can’t be perfect and frequently require fixes and a bit of balancing. The thing is fans, who are also customers, must get what they pay for, and that is a playable game. Anything less is simply unacceptable.

Battlefield Hardline can be an inflection point. This can be the moment in which EA proves its new approach to games development is real. This is when we get the confirmation that our expectations are not being toyed with. I know no company is obliged to give explanations, so let’s take this as an act of good faith. Gamers and especially fans have proven to be very patient, but we all know that can’t last forever, right?

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