Riot Working to Add More Diverse Female Champions to League of Legends

league of legends Summoner's Rift

League of Legends is known for a lot of things: how big the game is, how toxic the community can be, the impact it has had on the growth of eSports, the list goes on. One thing it’s markedly not known for, however, is the diversity within the female champion pool.

Most female champions in League of Legends (with the exception of Yordles, of course) are slender and athletic, with curves in all the right places — the typical female video game character. Riot is hoping to add more diversity to the female body types in their upcoming champion designs. In response to a fan request for more diverse women at Comic-Con, League of Legends producer Omar Kendall said Riot was hard at work figuring out “new strategies for what our champions look like.” Kendall went on to hint at a new champion “coming out soon,” who will reflect Riot’s initiative for more body types.

We’ll be sitting on the edges of our seats awaiting the next champion announcement. Until then, what do you think the next champion is going to look like? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

[Source: Polygon]

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