Bioware Shares Exciting New Details About Next Mass Effect at Comic-Con


In a panel today, “Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect”, at the San Diego Comic-Con, Bioware presented some of its ideas for the next Iteration of the franchise. The panelists were producer Mike Gamble, senior artist Noel Lukasewich, animator Carl Boulay, and was moderated by Nerdist’s Malik Forté.

Gamble mentioned that communication is important between the Edmonton and Montreal teams, and that time zone differences are sometimes a challenge. “Developing a new entry in a series like this is extremely difficult,” said Gamble, mentioning that the audience’s expectations and their own creative ones are tough and important to meet.

“We want to bring an spiritual succesor [to Shephard’s story].”

About the Frostbite engine, Boulay said that it helps them work way better than before. “And on the art side, it’s prettier.” said Lukasewich. The team showed conceptual images of the game, and promised that they have worked on more than just pictures.

Photo 26-07-14 14 23 34

“It’s actually a text adventure”, they joked.

The panelists emphasized that the images and video they showcased were works in progress.

A short concept video of the Mako showcased a really great new version of the vehicle (meaning, it’s actually maneuverable). The Mako drove around an ice planet, which looked great. The draw distance on it was incredible.

Photo 26-07-14 14 25 58

The team is still playing with the physics and, among other things, the inclusion of thrusters is still in question.

Afterwards, there was a Q&A section.

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  • Eduardo Vaz de Mello

    Firstly thanks for sharing this, I didn’t see this info anywhere else =)

    Second, I wonder if they said/mentioned anything about multiplayer? (Just curious really about the development directions – for myself I would love if they could completely forget about MP and focus on an outstanding Single-player experience, their specialty.)

    • Dreyesbo

      The only mention of multiplayer was that they prefer it to be cooperative instead of player vs. player. Nothing set in stone for the game yet.

      • Eduardo Vaz de Mello

        Good to know, thanks. Although it still could mean a bad MP idea – IMO, like waves – at least we have the possibility of a coop campaign and NOT a dreadful possibility of a MP PvP.

  • James Fitzgerald

    So they basically gave out no real information again. Well I hope the Mass Effect 4 spiritual successor doesnt suck. Its usually when a dev is being very secretive the game ends up sucking.

  • Godmars

    Frankly, would love to see a “text” adventure, or visual novel rather, which had an active RPG element. Something with branching paths and multiple endings.