Riot Teases Gnar-ly New League of Legends Champion


Welcome to the League of Legends, Gnar. You’re fuzzy, you’re from a rock, and you’re the newest addition to LoL‘s growing champion pool.


It’s really stressful living in a rock.

Not much is known about this prehistoric yordle beyond a few cave paintings released by Riot today. Clues in the recent Hazmat Heimerdinger post hint that Gnar may be a remnant of the Yordlepocalypse, emerging from the caves that housed yordle kind during the ancient scorching of the earth.

The post reads, “Since the dawn of yordle kind, when the ancient ones first discovered the killing power of blowguns and boomerangs,” and we can see  in this released yordle cave painting what looks to be a boomerang in the hands of what may be Gnar or his father.


Whether Gnar turns out to be a gremlin marksman or troll support, there’s no better way to welcome a new champion to the League community than by inundating him with puns of damage.

We’ll keep you updated on the first ever prehistordle. In the meantime, send us your gnarliest puns.

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