4 Reasons Why Bungie Needs to Announce ‘Destiny Remastered’ Now

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Just over a year old, The Last of Us Remastered has been released and is raking in even more money for its developer and publisher. While acknowledging that it’s a very high-quality title, some reviews have questioned the necessity of this version; at least so soon after its original release. The prevailing wisdom behind questioning such a practice is “Sure, it looks a bit better and runs a bit faster…but so what?”

Well, I say go for it. If you have the ability to cash in on a successful game by cleaning it up, repackaging it, and reselling it, then more power to you. In fact, why even wait until the full game is released? Case in point; the Destiny Beta just finished this weekend, and I think the best thing they could do is announce Destiny Remastered, and here are some reasons why.

They Can Recoup Some Costs


Bungie has dropped $500 million into the Destiny franchise. FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS! Okay, that number has been disputed in recent weeks so maybe it isn’t that much. Also, I’m sure it will end up making a lot of money and will very likely make back its investment, but you can bet they’re spending an ass-load of money on this thing. While there’s certainly no danger of Activision ever going broke any time soon, no doubt there are at least a few people sweating about whether or not Destiny is going to be a hit. But hey, you have to spend money to make money, so why not spend a little bit more money afterwards so you can clean it up and push it out again in a shiny new package?

Some people will be content to play the crappy ugly terrible version they bought on launch day and forego the beautiful exquisite ultimate version, but there are enough gamer Smiths out there who will drop another $40-$60 to keep up with the Joneses.

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