Comic Con Mass Effect Panel Available Online


The Comic Con panel that had Mass Effect fans dying to go to San Diego is officially available online. The video above has been published via BioWare Base’s YouTube channel and it contains the entirety of the approximately 30-minute long panel. In it, BioWare discusses how making the fourth entry in the space opera franchise has been going and the ideas that they are working towards to make it stand out.

With looks at models as they appear during their current stage of development, the panel shows off a good amount of what is in store for fans of Mass Effect, including the return of a newly redesigned “Mako”. Of course they are not treading old ground with this one, instead they are looking to make everything about building the world of Mass Effect even bigger and taking it even further than they have before. The panel offers glimpses at early landscapes and is in no way reflective of the final product, but it does serve as a wonderful teaser to the long-awaited next entry in the franchise that has entranced millions (including many of us here at Twinfinite).

  • Ani

    How come no one asked about space travel and being able to control your own spaceship?