Dawngate Alpha Servers Go Live in Europe


Dawngate, EA’s new MOBA, has been seeing some interest in North America. During the EA Gamescom conference though, the company announced that Europeans can get into playing Dawngate right now.

To sign up, simply go over to the Dawngate website, sign up, and jump into the game world. It’s one of those new games which could be an interesting MOBA alongside genre heavyweights League of Legends and DOTA 2, but is just as likely to fall into the swamp of new MOBAs out every day.

European gamers, if you’re still there you might as well just go sign up. After all, its free so you – like me – can spend money on caffine and food to stay away while the big games news comes out.


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  • Chris Fox

    Dawngate should definitely be on people’s radar. It’s mechanics are more focused than any of the big MOBAs, and the gameplay is more challenging and complex. And it’s still only in beta! If you’ve never played, it’s absolutely worth your time.

    Besides, unlike other MOBAs, the game has a super deep story, along with a comic! At very least, checking out that beautiful artwork is worth it.