8 Beginner Tips for Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is a fantastic action-RPG. Weighing in at over 100 hours of content, this is not a game to be taken lightly. Add in a ton of character-driven events and storylines, and you’ve got a pretty intimidating beast of a JRPG to handle.

Thankfully, Twinfinite is here to ease that entry into the wonderfully addicting world of Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment. While this isn’t a comprehensive guide to everything this beast of a title has to offer, this should get beginning players off the ground and hopefully arm them with a few tips to make the experience a little more enjoyable.

1. Read, read, read the tutorials

When you ignore the tutorial, you end up in a frozen wasteland. Don't end up in a frozen wasteland.

When you ignore the tutorial, you end up in a frozen wasteland. Don’t end up in a frozen wasteland.

It’s somewhat painful to say this, but you can do yourself a huge favor by carefully reading what the tutorials have to say. Crucial bits of information are seemingly glossed over without so much as an emboldening or underlining, and having that information can spell the difference between sweet victory and having to redo hours of work. There’s a ton of information so it might be tempting to speed-read it. Don’t give in! Practically every sentence is crucial to victory.

2. X-Dash is your friend

There are oodles of treasure chests in this area. X dash will show you the way.

There are oodles of treasure chests in this area. X dash will show you the way.

This isn’t even mentioned in any of the tutorials, but the X button which is by default used to dodge in combat (in tandem with the L-stick) can also be used to zip about while exploring. This action costs 25SP and doesn’t do much to evade monsters’ detection, so it might not seem that great.

However, it can be used repeatedly if Kirito has enough SP. It can also be used in mid-air. Conclusion: this is a necessary gameplay feature to move from platform to platform in certain areas without falling to certain death. This is essential to getting to many hard-to reach treasure chests.

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  • Ragnalink

    hey Mike thx for the tips, it helped me alot, got the game and start playing, its fun. Yours advices is unique and helpful, but something i notice was the first one you gave and kinda confuse me cause of the screenshot, What do you mean if you ignore the tutorial you ended up in a frozen wasteland and you put a screenshot of it… is it true or even possible to go there and how ? i start the game and watch carefully about a way to cancel the tutorial, but i think its already integrated in the story… so you can’t and i got the Beater Trophy at the end of it…

    Can you clear my mind about it ? thank you in advance :)

    • Daniel Lloyd Geoghan

      *Facepalm* its a freaking joke. you cant skip the tutorial.