A Redditor Has Lovingly Recreated Silent Hills’ Most Horrifying Moment by Hand


[Warning: Some of the images in this article may be very, very disturbing and are very, very NSFW, and is very much a spoiler for P.T.]

Near the halfway point of the now infamous P.T./Silent Hills interactive teaser that has taken the gaming world by storm in the last week or so, is a very particular scare scene that has gone down as one of the most horrifying things in recent gaming history. It it where you wander into a bathroom, after slowly unwinding a very sad, horrifying story of a family torn asunder, and encounter a fetus, crying, in a bathroom sink.

It is one of the most brazen, unsettling, bold horror sequences in gaming history, something I’m almost entirely sure has never been attempted before. And, as is often the case with things in the gaming industry, a player has taken to recreating it in shocking real life detail. Redditor “alishock” posted this set of images last night, of a handcrafted replica of the crying fetus from the demo, and it is horrifying and impressive in equal measure. You can see an image below, and a whole gallery at the link above.

Again, the image is potentially disturbing.



  • ChatWraithUpsilon

    Jesus christ

  • Zero_Starlight

    The fact that I can tell that’s a chicken being used as the body both amuses and unsettles me.