2014’s Most Unfortunately Forgettable Games (So Far)

Watch Dogs
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Every year there are plenty of new releases. Some are hyped, some are not. Some are forever-remembered. And then, well, then there are those people just forget. 2014 is no exception. Here are some of the most curiously-forgotten-about games of 2014 (so far).

4. Titanfall


Xbox One King Hype 2014. Whether you were an Xbox One owner or not, you definitely heard about Titanfall prior to its launch. Touted as the revolutionary new entry into the first person shooter genre, Titanfall was supposed to propel the recently-launched Xbox One into esteemed console prominence. While Titanfall was certainly received well and certainly sold well, it simply didn’t last.

Five months later, I still personally play Titanfall and enjoy every minute of it, but I am not oblivious to the game being significantly less popular than it once was. For all the game’s success, Titanfall was a fairly fleeting title in the eyes of many. Aside from the occasional DLC announcement, talk of Titanfall is fairly minimal and widespread public interest is lukewarm at best.

Might it be because of a fairly low install base in the Xbox One (at least when compared to the PS4 or its predecessor, the Xbox 360)? Maybe the multiplayer-only component left the game without any basis for a lasting impression? Maybe Titanfall simply wasn’t the revolution it was alleged to be? Whatever the reason, only a short five months after launch, Titanfall seems to be one game many have passed their eyes over.

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