Why You Should Keep an Eye On Dragon Fin Soup


Increasingly, gamers want experiences catered to their own lifestyle. With so many genres and and games out there, it’s easy to find a title that is suited perfectly to their own sensibilities. I find this an exciting development because not only are there more discerning gamers out there who know what exactly it is they want in a game; but developers are creating more exciting, layered games that can be customized to suit many tastes.

Take Dragon Fin Soup by The Grimm Bros. On paper, it’s a twisted fairy tale reimagining of the classic Little Red Riding Hood fable played as a throwback to the SNES tactical roguelike. However, with a combination of fluid action gameplay and character customization that is dependent on your own preferences and Dragon Fin Soup is a twisted little game that fits any gamer’s playstyle.

Starring raging alcoholic, bounty-hunter Red Robin; she is the protagonist in an expansive mythology heavy world of warring planets and giant turtle gods. I was told the story mode was going to be a robust ride through a sprawling mythology and having seen the game first-hand I’m excited to delve into its world.


The real surprise came from its unique gameplay and combat system. While Dragon Fin Soup is set up as a traditional turn-based tactics game, the turns aren’t dictated by a conventional player-move, enemy-move phase. Instead, movement is considered a turn and as a result the game feels like a free-roaming Zelda title on a tactical grid. All the strategies are determined by the same rules of tactical games including attack range and environmental obstacles, but combat has the potential to be much faster or traditional depending on your preference. What this means in a nutshell is that Dragon Fin Soup can be played as either an action-adventure game with RPG elements or as a more traditional, turn-based SRPG à la Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics.

Control wise, the game supports a myriad of input options including mouse and key, gamepad, and touch. I was most surprised by how easy I found the touch controls as it allowed easy cycling through attacks and spells as well as movement.


The ease in which you can transition between quick-paced action to methodical strategy is astounding as all you need to do is slow your own pace. The variation of gameplay is not only refreshing but damn near perfect for any gamer who wants variety in their combat. Warp it around a fantastical world full of fairy tales and a unique graphical art style and Dragon Fin Soup quickly becomes a title to check out when it comes out for all Playstation consoles, Windows, Mac, Linux, and both mobile platforms. I’m very much excited to see more of Red Robin’s story and if the hands-on demo was anything to go by, The Grimm Bros are demonstrating that even if it is their own fantastical world, you can play however you want in it.


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