No NES or Persona Q-themed 3DS XL for Europe


3DS lovers around the world have been chomping at the bit for the NES and Persona Q-themed handhelds planned for release by Nintendo. However, unless you’re in America, these two custom handhelds will not be finding their way into your grubby mitts.

This morning Gamespot revealed that a spokesperson from Nintendo replied to the enquiry as to whether these consoles would be coming to European shores with the soul-crushing statement “we have no plans to launch these Persona Q or NES controller inspired Nintendo 3DS XL hardware in Europe”. These piece of hardware will be available from Gamestop in the US from October 10th for $199.99, the same price as a standard unit.

It isn’t all doom and gloom though because Europe already has its the exclusive Fire Emblem blue and black hardware which has never – and probably will never – see US shores (although it is also available in Australasia).

Are you sad about not getting the hardware in your region? Maybe you’re already happy with what you’ve got? Maybe you’re even a very lucky US citizen who I will be forever jealous of for buying the NES-themed console. Let us know down below!


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