PS4 2.0 Masamune Bricked Your Console? Don’t Worry, It Isn’t Bricked


Having just experienced this myself, I figured it might be a good time to warn others of the problem. Earlier today I updated my PS4 to the 2.0 operating system and spent a little time playing some more Lords of the Fallen in the office. Not long after I went to turn my PS4 off only to see the new Enter Rest Mode option. Thinking “Well why not”, I selected that option and left my system running for the afternoon. Coming back to it this evening however, it looked like Masamune had bricked my PS4.

Worry not though, because it didn’t. I did however suffer a pretty severe heart attack when it looked like my angular black box had died a death.

If this happens to you or you are concerned about what to do if this happens to you then read on. You’ll find some handy tips and instructions to both avoid and deal with the problem.

How do you avoid a problem like Masamune? Well that’s quite simple. Don’t activate rest mode. Whatever was wrong with the original Standby mode the PlayStation minions only know. The best bet is to either leave it turned on at the home screen if you have to download or shut down your system. Entering rest mode probably isn’t worth the risk.

Should you be struck by this sudden apparently bricked console then here’s what you do. First of all, stop having that panic attack.

The next thing to do isĀ place your finger over the power button until you hear a pair of beeps (should take at the most 10 seconds between each). Doing this puts the PS4 in safe mode. After this plug your PS4 controller and select the fifth choice which is Rebuild The Database.. This will rebuild your database and save your PS4 from becoming nothing more than a doorstop thanks to the PS4 2.0 Masamune update. This is the recommended option and the only course of action you should talk. It’s even being advised on Reddit.

At which point you start to curse the existence of Masamune and its new Rest Mode.

How did you fix your PlayStation 4 if it was bricked by Masamune? Let us know down below.

[Updated with the addition of Reddit column and this acknowledgement fromĀ Sony]

  • shoezzz

    there’s a bigger issue than this: people can’t log on into psn

    • extermin8or2

      That’s probably an issue on their end it was having errors this morning..

    • FAME1ER

      The store is probably updating. Give it time bro, it’ll fix.

  • benbenkr

    The PS4 freezes in its “Rest” mode if you have an app/game running prior into entering the mode. If your PS4 is idle and nothing is in the background, entering rest mode will not cause the PS4 to have the infinite orange loop.

    This issue was actually present during launch day, it didn’t happen to everyone however. Sony fixed it in one of the firmware updates but somehow has ressurected it again with 2.0.

  • Isthmus Idiot

    Left the PS4, and upon returning to it after a few hours, noticed the flashing orange Power Indicator. The controller’s PS button didn’t do anything and nor did the console’s Power button, so unaware of the ‘holding down of the console’s Power button’, I unplugged the power cord for a few seconds and it recognized that it had been turned off improperly. It did a re-booting sort of action and everything seems okay, except for PSN.

    So now, my primary concern is that… After improperly turning off my PS4 (by unplugging it in Flashing Orange mode), if it powered back on ok and could operate games and such, it’s likely okay, right?

    I mean, one improper power off isn’t detrimental, right?

    (…damn you, Sony)

    • James Knack

      No you’d most likely be fine. Take the power cord out completely for about 10 minutes then plug it back it. You should be back up and running within another 5 minutes

    • Colonel Sanders

      I guarantee you it will be fine. It’s highly unlikely that an improper shutdown will brick it.

    • BrewersFanJP

      I’ve had to shut my console down by unplugging it a few times. As long as you don’t make a habit of doing it that way, you should be fine.

    • Isthmus Idiot

      The next day (Wed), PSN & everything that was messed up by the 2.0 update was miraculously back to normal & working, though I won’t be using or allowing “Rest” shmode to activate until Sony releases a statement concretely declaring that the “Rest” is a mere nap & not of the 3 feet under variety.

      Can’t wait for update 3.0’s rollercoaster.

  • John Doe

    No problems on my end. You probably had a weird or rare incident. Everything on PSN is fine me also.

  • Jan Radstake

    Well, I had the attack before reading this thanks for the tip.

  • Edsword

    Mine is doing this as well. Actually, every time I have put it in rest mode it will not come out of it. I think that Sony is going to have to release a patch for this. In the mean time, no rest mode for me.

  • Lakerfanalways

    I have NOT updated yet..I never go into standby mode or anything like is the best thing to do is what I have always done with my PS4 once Im done playing with it, completely turn it off?? if I do that I wont have to worry about this issue right?

  • bigbadcrawford

    My ps4 bricked. Yesterday morning downloaded update. Just after console restart machine froze on tiles. After a few secs it fixed itself. Put it on standby to charge controller. Last night sat down to play evil within, machine light flashed a quick burst of white line and then bricked instantly at home screen. Sat for a few mins trying to reconnect with controller. Got nothing. Fucking rage. Then as i stripped the console to put it back in box for return to shop with realisation alien disc was stuck inside my bricked ps4. With only power cable connected the ps4 front was in my lap, the power started. I thought great, but also felt foreboding cause i was worried it would go again. So set it back up, gt alien disc out thankfully. Went to check online on ps4 if anyone had issues with masamune update and right at the tile for going online to internet it fucking bricked and was permanently fucked. Rage returns. I got mine on realise 4 weeks on it died, now ive got to go to game and get my third ps4 in a pissed off

    • paul middleton

      Instead of taking them back to the shop try rebuilding your system files. People can treat technology so roughly, such as, switching off power from the mains not shutting down the ps4 system correctly can seriously corrupt system files. Ejecting games while game is still running, not closing games down, before entering a new game disk, powering system off while system is, downloading, updating, is a blg mistake many make. Take good care of your technology so it can take care of you. Powering down a system the right way, means the system has time to write information to disc, settings etc for the next time you start your game or system. Stopping updates leaves your system corrupted with missing files, saves or game updates and patchs that are not downloaded correctly can corrupt the system, stopping an update then starting it over again sometimes will still keep both files, especially when you power systems off not giving a system time to delete old files and junk files. On power down the system is optimizing itself shutting down unnecessary programs etc. If you powerdown from just pulling out power plug, or clicking power plug off on a night system may be corrupted. But you can easily rebuild those system files with the ps4 without loosing anything which is very handy option which people should start using before they worry too much. Software is delicate, use your machines wisely.

      • bigbadcrawford

        Listen am a 34 year old man. I dont mistreat my machine. Ive never done any of those things u suggested. Actually fyi. After correctly doing the update the machine power cut after a sudden flash of light on the strip at the top, while not even running a game. Just sitting at the homescreen. Not powered down instant and sudden power cut. It would not come back on, then after several mins it came on for a moment i went to the homescreen and went to google if anyone was having issues and it flashed suddenly and bricked full on died. Took it to game and they admitted that they were aware of the issue and that the new update caused a problem for machines from the first, second and third batches. Mines was launch day, first one bricked four weeks, replaced by the one that lasted till yesterday. Got brand new one with a years warranty today from game who were great to deal with. Apparently masamune has re introduced a problem that was since patched by sony that causes rest mode to kill some machines between those batch times. It will be fixed in around 6 to 8 weeks, meanwhile i was told not to use rest mode. So when i set up the new machine today. I switched of all rest mode for console and controller. So heres hoping it will be fine. So how now you know. Had a good day cause actually got a new ps4 and the mrs bought me a xbox one as well with destiny, and contrary to any fanboy nonsense online as a longtime gamer its equally as cool.

  • Carey

    Let us jailbreak your PS4 they said… It’ll make it better they said…

    OOOOOPS, bricked it!!!!!

    • paul middleton

      No.. ! Thats what happens when idiots try to do something intelligent.

      • Carey

        Indeed. Sony, fortunately for them, probably has the money to afford a few “intelligent” and classically skilled electrical engineers and software programers to provide functional and reliable updates, if even needed.

        Probably…a few…

        Guess I’ll do what I’ve always done. Turn my device off when I’m not using it. Saves a bit of power…and apparently a lot of time spent on forums…. damn it….

  • KeeseToast

    I jsut pulled the power plug and started my PS4 normally again, everything’s fine.

    • Kevin Harris

      My cousins ps4 after taking the firmware his disc drive button would just start beeping, (even when powered down) wouldn’t take any disc, (or start to take a disc and spit it out) I tried rebuilding the database first thinking maybe the file system for the drive became corrupted or something but to no avail no dice. He had it unhooked by the time i came back into his room and i told him to hook it back up while he argued with me about it … finally i connected his ps4 and lo and behold the disc drive worked again.

  • paul middleton

    So happy i seen this before deciding to use that rest option. Did you try it again after rebuild of system files. Rebuilding your system files is agood thing in itself, like reformating windows on a pc. It makes your system files clean and new again, due to bad downloads and corrupt saves, these files slow down your system. A good rebuild of your system files can work wonders. I use to get bad flicker on my screen, but a system files rebuild fixed it. Its good to rebuild system files at least once every 3 months. Dont worry you will not loose any files or programs or games or game saves either.

  • Matt D

    It seems to happen if you have a USB drive plugged in. With everyone trying the new music player this will probably happen to a lot of people. Sony has suggested rebuilding the PS4 database if you experience the problem with the PS4 not coming out of rest mode. Also, instead of unplugging your system when it freezes everyone should try holding in the power button until it goes into safe mode. :)

  • berg

    Mine is having this problem. How the heck does something like this get missed during testing. What a major screw up!

    • bigbadcrawford

      Great point. Sony are haemmoriging cash it pains me to say as long time fan of playstation, as is well documented, so in a time like this certain things suffer, like resources to implement proper quality assurance systems, also i believe driveclub was hampered with a lack of money to spend in support and development and i bet the devs were under and are under huge pressure to deliver, even though sony are struggling to support them fully. Id go as far as to say when sales hit a certain level there would be funds for the neccesary server support, and they are trying to hide these cracks from the general public. I will still support them though cause i want them to be making games for years to come. I think this gen we will all have to be understanding and a little more patient for sony to financiallyvget back to a place where online tech and support is great again. Greatness does await but will the community wait, thats the key here?

  • Lonny

    I started the install and then went and played xbox. When I got back mine was just flashing yellow and not responding at all even with me holding the button it wouldn’t even beep. I just unplugged the PS4 then powered it back on and everything was normal.

  • Fango

    LOL this is why I always wait a couple days after a firmware update to install

    • bigbadcrawford

      Not going to make a difference so dont be cocky about that plus as soon as you put on your machine it will do it anyway. Most machines will cut once, but machines from batches 1 to 3 could be problematic. So dont lol just yet, as karma has a funny way of paying folk back

  • Rick

    Just hold the power button until it beeps and then start your console again. Worked for me :)

  • Lekyam

    In safe mode, I re-downloaded the update with option 3. Restored defaults settings with option 4. And rebuild the database with option 5. My PS4 is again stuck in Rest mode.

    • bigbadcrawford

      If u are an early adopter this is a known issue, and by offering that advice for people to try, iy may work for some but sony like any business with a load of potential angry customers and potential situation for machines to fix use strategies like thid advice to stem the flow of repairs and replacements. For instance ive worked for all phone networks and do you know what they advise first with technical faultsvto stem the flow of repairs. They say do a hard reset. Which is customer service bullshit for turn it off then on. They make up a length of time and say phone back in 3 days ot some shitty timeframe and eventually they pass people from pillar to post hoping theyll get fucked off and bite the bullet and buy a new phone, or theyll take a repair or some other solution. Which therefore means there phone line and retail bullshit for the customer stems the tide for loss and replacement or repair. Saving fortunes. This is what sony are doing, this is what this page is really for it muddys the waters buying them time and is damage limitation. This is not rare and every machine from batch 1 to 3 has big potential for issue. I hope for the best for everyone experiencing issues and also hope if ur unlucky like i was you kept your receipts. Opinions are like arseholes weve all got one i guess. This is mine

  • Zachary1997

    So I accidently unplugged my ps4 after the update 2.0 and now it gives me a black screen. It wont even enter safe mode when I try. it just shuts back off after a few minutes, I have no clue what to due

    • Mike Maloney

      I have the same screen issue as you. Let me know if you figure out some way to get it into Safe Mode, or how to send it in?

  • Shaun Roberts

    That’s why called it ‘Masamune’. They knew that half the consoles would commit Seppuku it.

  • bigbadcrawford

    Just went to play evil within, after getting a replacement machine cause masamune bricked my second ps4 this year since launch. So this is machine 3. Tonight it cut out during the game within seconds. Rest mode was never used. Their trying to bs people its not a big deal. Fucking raging with sony just now. Get it fixed ffs. If not i for one will be getting a refund as a british consumer this as it stands is not fit for purpose.

  • brokedownsystem

    I hope they patch this correctly soon. I spent more time trying to bring the system out of rest mode and rebuilding the database (twice!) than I actually did play call of duty…which of course, promptly froze up about 2 minutes into the first cutscene.