7 Strategy Games You Won’t Mind Losing Hours of Your Precious Life To

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Faster Than Light


The point of Faster Than Light is to lead your ship’s crew through many challenges and objectives through the universe. It’s a great indie game that combines the stress of time and having to respond to issues such as hull breaches and loss of oxygen. It’s an even tougher strategy game, however, because it adds the ever stressful “Permadeath.” This leads to you sinking hours into a great run only to be caught off guard, lose, and have to start anew. This forces you to start again and again, with the hope that this time you’ll win. It’s a vicious cycle that you’ll be sure to love anyway.

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  • Matt Clough

    Awesome choices, I love 5 of 7 of these games ( even if one of them is way too hard for me looking your direction total war)

  • jorge

    SC2 better be at top or else.