From Software’s Next Game Should Be Armored Core 6


If you don’t know that Bloodborne‘s out, then you’ve spent too long in a dark corner of the internet. From Software’s latest rock-hard action-RPG has taken the world by storm. Barely a day goes by where it’s not lauded somewhere on the web. From Software did a bloody good job on it, so now people are clamoring for more content and a sequel. Maybe that’s not what From Software should do, though. Maybe the studio should turn its attention to Armored Core 6.

Throughout From Software’s 21 year history of making games (it formed in 1986 but didn’t release their first fully self-developed title until 1994) the studio has spent time developing software that crosses many genre boundaries. Across this vast swathe of time, two different game types rear their heads time and again. There’s the challenging RPGs that go all the way from King’s Field to Bloodborne, and a healthy dose of mechs. This is where we can all cross our fingers and pray that the studio will be going again.


From Software’s first title centered around the wonderful world of mecha was Armored Core. Blasting its way onto the PlayStation in 1997, Armored Core proved to be the seed from which one of the longest running franchises in gaming was to grow. To date, From Software has created no less than fifteen fully realized entries in the series. These go all the way from Sony’s little grey box onto the PlayStation Portable and right through to Armored Core: Verdict Day, which launched in 2013. It’s a series that’s been running longer than some of those reading this will have been on this earth. With the recent success of Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne, it may be time for From Software to look back here.

Armored Core as a franchise didn’t exactly change the world, in all honesty. What it did do, however, was give everyone the power to create their own powerful mech before taking it out onto the battlefield. This is far from a unique feature to Armored Core, but one that this franchise above all others does the best. Armored Core games turned normal ideas of progression on their head. Your goal in life wasn’t to complete the game; it was to make the most capable mech possible with any parts you could unlock.

Mech Title

It’s not a meta-game progression system that’s particularly new in itself. You don’t play Diablo 3 to get to the end of the game after all, you play to get better gear. Our most prized characters in Dark Souls are not defined by their level, they are a place to display the incredible gear and experiences we’ve gathered. If you’re showing off a Borderlands 2 character, you open up your inventory to show everyone the shiny-ass guns you’ve got. Armored Core wasn’t far off the same. When playing Armored Core V, it wasn’t rare to find a collective chatting about the awesome Overed weapons they used.

Of course, there are those out there who would argue that From Software should bin the whole idea of Armored Core. It’s rarely seen the same success as any of the Souls series, or Bloodborne for that matter. Development usually goes where the money flows, and right now the prevailing winds are forcing From Software down the path of more dark/horror fantasy RPGs. What if From did sail against the wind though? What if the studio could use the tide of mech-loving designers with it to bring Armored Core 6 into the world?

armored core

What could actually tip the balance and convince From Software to begin development on a sixth main entry in the Armored Core series is the realization that thanks to its recent releases, the studio’s name carries a great deal of respect. When someone mentions a game is being made by From Software, players intently listen.

The studio seems to have a golden touch. It can turn games that might not have done very well in the modern gaming climate into incredible success stories. On the back of their recent prosperity, From Software could do well to be looking into its library of titles and cherry-picking the next property to work on. No developer should ever find itself stuck in a rut developing games of a similar ilk over and over again. With its history, From Software has every opportunity to make Armored Core 6 a success.

If you need more persuading just think of this. Mechs, on current generation consoles, in a game made by From Software. We good?

  • RunStopGo

    Yes! I am still holding out hope that some amazing trailer will pop up announcing AC 6 for PS4. I know they could do wonders with the kind of funding that Dark Souls has received, but it wont happen.

    • James Knack

      If it gets announced during E3 this year, I think I’m going to explode with glee.
      Also blood but mainly glee.

  • casbar

    I tried to play Armored Core after Demon’s Souls. I even played the one that Miyazaki worked on. Still didn’t like it. If you are in to Mech games I am sure they are good. Not my thing.

  • Saito

    I would prefer if they work on demon souls 2 or bloodborne 2 :) yep

    • Tizio Caio


  • Ghostplops

    Ughhhh I want another Armored Core so badly! I am really hoping they’ll announce another one soon, maybe at E3? With their success they received from the Souls games they could really make an excellent new AC game, plus I’m dying to see some robots in pretty next gen graphics.

    Although Miyazaki did mention in this article last year he said he wanted to direct another Armored Core:

    So that kinda gives me hope? Give us our robots, From!!

  • Deepak Babu

    I played the hell out of AC on the PS and PS2. Gave it a skip on the PS3. But would love to get a new Armored Core game on the PS4. Hope they do this.

  • Slater Colteryahn

    I loved the Armored Core series on PS2, I felt that they lost their touch on ps3. And I didn’t care for dark souls, but if they made Armored Core 6, I’d buy it on pc or ps4.

  • QC

    I hope for…Armored Core 6: for answer 2
    In reality… it will be more like… Armored Core 6: Front Mission California Edition

  • Boom!

    I would rather they make a bloodborne rehash that will include PC as a platform. Like they did with demon’s souls.

    • Mellissa Owningyou

      Not gonna happen

  • Casey Plummer

    well if dark souls and blood born did so well… why not combine them?
    I love armored core but its time they jumped off a cliff and allow us to make our own pilots, walk around our hanger as our pilot, have dark horrible things (like pulling pilots out of their cot-pit and crushing them in our mechs hand. step on people. disable mechs and take them hostage. (god forbid) HIRE GOOD VOICE ACTORS!

    Show pilots faces when they talk. Allow us to choose the payment for hiring mercs. (seriously it made me feel sad that i could not pay mercs out of my own pocket when they deserved it) Allow a 3rd team to drop right in to the middle of a team fight( How chaotic would that be?)

    Allow us to pull a Heero Yue and self detonate our mechs in a suicide bomb attack when our hp is almost gone.(be better then an ultimate weapon lol)

    Allow us to call up backup (have a friend join you mid mission via helle drop)

    you may hate me for this but , Slow down mechs to a more clunky speed where fixed position weapons such as sniper cannons actually are useful again!

    ummm less ugly mechs? that’s about all i can think of.

    • Jesse Billingsley

      Dude..If you’re expecting that kind of a story to come out of Armored Core, then you are asking for way to much…

      • Casey Plummer

        story? i said nothing about the story, i was talking game play mostly, only thing story wise is faces I would like to see who the hell is talking is all.
        As for the pilot thing, I was thinking just suits with helmets that you can change the color and gender. it be the same for the post destruction pilots we have when we loose and got to wait for the match to finish. this would be a little more immersive for interacting with your team plus be nice to see just how big our ac is when you can walk up to its foot and look up at it. look up gundam breaker. they kinda already did what i am talking about.

    • D3Seeker

      Kill yourself with that last part about slowing down the mechs. The rest, while nice, would need some SERIOUS finesse as to not trample all over what makes it Armored Core, I feel.

      • Casey Plummer

        yeah i get what you mean. but if any thing i wish they just bring back the damn radar, I miss being able to figure out who is shooting me and from where again -_-

  • Jesse Billingsley

    I’d like to see a continuation of the ACV universe, minus the annoying KE/TE/CE damage resistance of course.

  • Overkill

    I want them to make another armored core even though all has not a very good story. It is nothing like the other’s, sure there’s other mech games that’s a success but look at armored core and how different it is from those mechs games that has a basic thing for mechs. Armored core isn’t all about the story no, it’s all about the mechs and the combat and the strategies. I’ve mean the only good story is from armored core verdict day which has a better story form than the other’s but armored core is all about the mecha’s and that’s what I’ve loved about it. It’s mech’s. There is nothing like it. you can’t get bored of it cause of the mechs and millions of combinations On customizing your mech. I would go run to the store and buy it quickly if they’ve made another armored core game and I hope it’s better than anything else. I that armore core won’t be trashed. I hope that it’ll be the same yet better. It’s been 2 year’s from software, i hope they went ahead to the project.

  • Jayden Regan

    The possibility of an open world ac6 would see me live the rest of my life in solitude :p

  • Tizio Caio

    We have only one thing to do:
    Ask from software to make AC 6
    and after that we only have to
    for answer

  • D3Seeker

    I’m pretty sure it’s imminent to be honest. Yeh I suppose V actually had a spot on stage with some teasers up to then (iirc), but I’m sure From will get to it, if they don’t blindside us with a reveal next week. Armored core is sort of their special baby you know and they probably wont wanna mess with it till they’re good and ready I’d imagine.

  • Sean Michael Page

    i want it for PC SO BAD

    • Peter LeTarte II

      10/10 would rebuy and replay for PC

  • Ryan Chiu

    With slow international uptake and the recent announcing of Dark Souls 3, not likely. I can see future releases of Armored Core being local to Japan only.

    • WhyWai

      The popularity of Dark Soul series, the departure of Armored Core producer from the studio, the flop of AC5… I believe Armored Core series is done for… Shame, really love AC games…

      • MogCakes

        Wait, WHAT!? The producer departed the company? NO. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • talos

    I can’t be the only person who thinks AC4a is the best AC. The mission based formula in 4a is far from perfect, and many areas need work, but the game was awesome to play though and unlock everything. I loved the control scheme, parts, and attempt at balancing (far from perfect, but the ideas for balancing light, med, and heavy are in place). I’d like 6 to take a step back from V and vd – but really, I’d just like to see a new AC at all – isn’t it time?

    • WhyWai

      Agree! AC4A is the best one… was excited when AC5 was announced.. But they screwed that up to the drain… another AC game would be very unlikely anymore…

      • Vertutame Kraikha

        I think it’s last reven which there’s still cooling system,vision mod and part breaking system but…. AC4 is fun and grenade launcher’s effect is… a portable nuke. In AC4,there’s a last boss which use a super quick boost and that guy is… the original pilot of white glint(Joshua O’Brian) which died by the hand of the person who ride the 2nd white glint (yep,that knight in white armor with overbooster with pilot known as Anatolia’s Raven or the raven in AC4) The story is dramatic when seeing close friend killing each other at the end of the game and the player choose to redeem him self in AC4answer(as NPC and use his name for his next) The mission I hate the most is the mission that I have to play with king and fight off 5 nexts and… I brought double machine gun(cause I didn’t know that I would have to fight nexts) with me and use the bug that’s called “map limit” flying off almost out of the map and then, NPC would fly in and off and that’s easy target but later, I regret doing that so I customize my next to kojima cannon to shoot it down one by one in replay mission.

    • Bob Austin

      ac 4 ac is THE BEST AC ever. Unfortunately I didn’t like the way they stupified/simplified their latest ac releases. I want the old control scheme back.

    • Steven Burnham


  • flamingpic

    i love AC4A i mean i loved everything about the game from the speed to the energy blades EVERYTHING! but when i saw acV i was exited i even pre ordered it and when i got it i hated it they took everything that i loved about AC4A and killed it i hate the big huge thick bulky mech if they do make a AC6 i hope to god they go back to the game everyone loved the most

  • P. Pratt

    Give me AC4A gameplay with ACV online options. Gold.