Marvel and Telltale Partnering Together to Make Games

Avengers World

Please let one of these games be Ms. Marvel or Hawkeye…

There have been some interesting partnerships in gaming over the years. There are ones that make some degree of sense, like Jason and Predator coming to Mortal Kombat X, or Kingdom Hearts. There are the partnerships that sound interesting, but probably shouldn’t have happened, like Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. And then there are the ones that sound a bit odd, like Marvel working with Telltale. Yeah, seriously. Today at a San Francisco event, Marvel announced that they would be partnering with Telltale Games of Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us fame to make games.

Marvel Games creative director Bill Roseman and executive producer Mike Jones showed up at the event to announce this partnership alongside Peter Phillips, executive VP and GM for digital distribution, and Jay Ong, the VP of games for Marvel. According to Roseman, these games will “strive for authenticity, feel exquisite and sexy, and will be celebrated by Marvel fans.” The first of these games is due to hit consoles sometime in 2017.

We here at Twinfinite would just like to say that we totally support the idea of Hawkeye getting his own game, Telltale. But if you do it, you have to include Pizza Dog. Seriously. If not Hawkeye, then how about Ms. Marvel? Or, you know, both. Both is good.

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