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Welcome to Twinfinite. We’re the United Nations of games writing. We love you.

Twinfinite is a video game enthusiast site that really means it. We’re a band of friends that love video games and enjoy talking about them with the world. We cover news, produce our own video series, create original podcasts, review games, and write our own editorials.

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We also have a focus on you, Twinfiknights. We want to integrate your opinions along with our own staff’s. We encourage you, our sexy community, to write up your own posts about anything your little heart desires. Well, almost anything. Video game talk is always welcome. Whether you want to pick a topic and make it a Featurama or follow one of our already established originals, we’ll take it into consideration to have it published up on our front page. There’s no limit to the number of words but the posts should be longer than, you know, a sentence. You must e-mail your submission to us so we can check it out. Please include your username (or actual name if you prefer), its title, and any pictures you may want to have in the post.

Never be too shy to comment on one of our features to tell us how wrong you think we are.

Mingle in the site, make some friends, and have a burrito (unless you’re in the weird Team Bowl section).

Want to know if you should save your money on that new game?

Our review policy page will give you a good explanation of how we tackle our reviews. We used to not give scores, but then realized that it was a battle we weren’t going to win. The truth is that we can’t fix game review scoring systems, we can only help to make them better.

tgs and supercon

We’ve traveled the world for you.

Above you can see a picture of Yami and Matt at TGS. That’s right, in Japan. We’ve traveled all over the world to bring you all the best coverage and entertainment from the video game industry. Even shitty cons, people. Oh yes, we go there. The bottom picture is Yami, Claudia, and Andy at Supercon. Never heard of it? Neither has the majority of Miami… and it’s held there. Want to see a full list of where we’ve been? Don’t judge…

We love stalkers.

We’re on a variety of different social media sites and aside from directly commenting on our posts, it’s truly the best way we keep in touch with Twinfiknights:

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You can also find our Twinfinite Live shows on our Twitch channel, where you’ll be able to heckle a variety of host’s awful gaming skills each week.

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We don’t claim to be professionals.

In fact, we cringe at the term “video game journalist.” However, we take our commitment to Twinfiknights very seriously. If you’re interested in knowing our site credentials or statistics, visit our resume page. If you would like to know more about the people behind Twinfinite’s front page, check out the team page. We do not sell reviews under any circumstances. Don’t even try to ask or I’ll heel you in the face.

How did we get started?

So I should say that this is Yami (Founder and Editor in Chief) speaking here. I can’t really speak for everyone on this part, the same way as I can’t really say how we got started. It suddenly just came together. Like a perfect blind stacking in Tetris. You know what I’m talking about, when the blocks just align without you even thinking about it? That’s sort of what Twinfinite was to me. We have a passion that drives our ambition for the site. What has emerged in this time is amazing. We were even able to run around frantically at E3 within our first 6 months. Plus, look at that logo.


All hail the twin sticks and infinity.

So, to answer the question… How did we get started? We just did it. And we asked who wanted to join us. And then they did it too. Our own way. We do not follow the mold, we want to make a new one.

But why “Twinfinite”?

The simple answer is because we apparently want to confuse our audience as much as possible. The other answer is we’re that bad at naming stuff.