Author Mike Geib


This one was born in 1989 and counts watching his old man play Hack on an ancient PC as one of his earliest memories. Fond of JRPG's, visual novels, and the RTS' of old, Mike's gaming preferences are "anything so long as it's got a good story." A simple network engineer from Philly PA, he looks forward to exploring the intricate world of gaming with ye!

Momodora III Review

Platformers are a strange bird. Some are relatively simple run-to-the-end games like Super Mario Bros or Sonic the Hedgehog, others…

Unrest Review

It’s easy to want to like a game that tries to be different. Games that take bold risks and attempt…

Quest for Infamy Review

Ahh, point-and-click adventure games. LucasArts, Sierra, and the old classics with their ancient graphics and rudimentary gameplay rounded out by…

Astebreed Review

Shoot-em-ups are tons of fun. Often short but sweet, they offer a finger-twitchy challenge unlike any other game. And Japanese…

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