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I'm Chaz! I write things in between bouts of gaming with my lovely wife or wonderful kids, or sometimes even just by myself. When I'm not doing that, I'm knee-deep in databases or just out and about with the family.

Actual Sunlight – An Honest Look at a Dishonest Mind

I jumped into this one planning to do a review of Will O’Neill’s Actual Sunlight. However, almost immediately after starting it up, I realized that it wasn’t going to be a typical experience. As I played through the story, mostly as an observer simply seeing the pageant take place in front of me, it became more and more apparent that a simple review wouldn’t come of this. I can’t, in good faith, take my feelings or observations about Actual Sunlight and distill [...]

Mechanic Escape Review – Is Your TV Running?

As much as I love games that feature deeply complex stories, there’s always a special place in my heart for more simple experiences. Sometimes, I just want a game that tosses out thought-provoking introductory sequences and jumps straight into quick, easily-understood action. Mechanic Escape definitely falls into the latter category. An easily grasped 2D platfomer/runner, Mechanic Escape is a fast-paced, somewhat frantic sprint through brightly animated levels filled with a multitude of hazards and interesting environmental quirks. A combination of reflexes, on-the-fly thinking, [...]

Broforce Review – Bro Guts, Bro Glory

There are a lot of times that my penchant for indie games means I’m dealing with a lot of complex things. Whether they’re intellectual, emotional, or simply downright conceptually bizarre, there’s a ton of things that really make it a complicated process that’s both taxing and rewarding. Sometimes, wading through these deep, layered stories and genre-busting experimental outings makes me sit back and think about a lot of things. I’ve reviewed games that made me stop to consider life, love, [...]

Imagine Earth Review – Planetary Planning 101

Somewhere between the city-building of SimCity and the global control of Populous or other “god games”, we find Imagine Earth. Taking a few elements from each of these game styles, it distills them into a simplified, easy to grasp version. The player is cast into the role of one of many newly-hired planetary colony-builders, with the tutorial planet, a small orb named Tuto, acting as an introduction to the game’s mechanics as well as the in-game hiring test. The question at the core of [...]

Next-Gen Gamers: Teaching Kids to Love Pokémon

Next-Gen Gamers is a feature where I explore the world of gaming through the eyes of my kids – literally the next generation of gamers, raised in a house that promotes playing together and sharing our time! It’ll look at games that appeal to kids more than adults, as well as those that are great for both, either through cooperative play or controller sharing. I wrote recently about how, at the age of 30, I took the plunge and picked [...]

Betrayer Review – Unsolved Mysteries of 1604

I’ve said before that I find multi-genre games tend to bear with them a slew of problems along the way. The biggest hurdle that these types of games have to overcome is mixing all the parts together into a strong, coherent whole that’s passably good at several different things, which seems to give developers a tougher time than honing in on one idea that they can work on refining and doing very well. Betrayer has elements of exploration, FPS, stealth, and [...]

Montas Review – Lost in a Dream

Doing my typical pre-review research, I found a lot of people referring to Montas as a survival-horror game. I don’t think that’s really correct; while there’s horror to be found, there’s not a lot of the typical elements of a survival experience. There aren’t large hordes of terrifying beasts to outwit, or precious resources to jealously amass while waiting for the right time. I didn’t find any item-crafting systems or complex stealth controls. Montas is a game that, from the start, urges [...]

Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning Review – No End In Sight

Much like the game itself, I’m not entirely sure where to begin with a proper review of the latest Steam-based PC port of a mobile game that may have best been left in the world of mobile, Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning. I’ll admit that my experience with the game is a bit shorter than I’d normally prefer for review purposes, but it’s not entirely for lack of trying. Touting itself as ‘realistic, non-tutorial action/RPG’, what Cypress Inheritance really seems to be trying [...]

Alpha Kimori Preview – God is (Literally) a Spaceship

JRPGs are one of the strangest genres out there; it’s a big part of why I love them, I think. They often make no attempt whatsoever at a narrative with the slightest connection to reality, and they’re entirely unapologetic in their dedication to the story they’ve decided to go with. So it is with Alpha Kimori: Part One, which opens with a very brief scene setting the stage for the coming adventure.  Fifty years prior, Earth was attacked by aliens. In [...]

The Witch and the Hundred Knight Review – Bewitching Insanity

I’m a little unsure where to begin when it comes to discussing The Witch and the Hundred Knight, the latest outing from Disgaea developer Nippon Ichi Software, because there’s just so much going on here that it can be a bit tough to get a handle on it all. It’s a really, really busy game with a ton of features, loot, weapons, and other stuff happening all the time, and it can get a bit overwhelming as a result. The game casts [...]

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