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Well hello there, my name is Claudia and I've been gaming ever since I've had the ability to reason. I'm currently an Economics major with a passion for the gaming industry. When I'm not diligently attending to schoolwork (lolol) you can probably find me playing anything from League of Legends to Ace Attorney. You can also find me trying to navigate the twitterverse @WhatsUpClaudia

Tropico 5 – New Gameplay Trailer, Special Edition, and More!

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting your chance to start a powerful empire and then possibly destroy it in one fel swoop, I’ve got great news for you. The Tropico 5 Limited Special Edition was announced today and includes an assortment of goodies that would make any Tropico fan swoon. If you want an express ticket to hop on the Tropico hype train, you should check out the gameplay trailer above for a full showcase of some of the new features you’ll be seeing in Tropico 5. The [...]

Season 2 of The Walking Dead Headed to PlayStation Vita

Telltale Games announced via a press release today that season 2 of their critically-acclaimed game series, The Walking Dead, is headed to PS Vita systems next week. The first two episodes of season two, All That Remains and A House Divided  are going to be available for Vita via the PlayStation Store on April 22nd in North America and April 23rd in Europe. Players can buy the episodes individually for $4.99 or opt to save 20% on the whole deal with the season pass. Although they [...]

PAX East – Nuclear Throne to Receive Multiplayer Treatment

Rami Ismail of Vlambeer announced via the PAX Twitch stream today that Nuclear Throne, the procedurally generated, roguelike shoot ‘em up is going to have a multiplayer mode. Ismail emphasized that Vlambeer was using the game’s early access feedback in order to better the game over the course of its development. He noted that fans were continually asking for multiplayer modes, which he admits they had not planned for yet but was a logical next step in the process of making the [...]

PAX East – Blizzard Reveals 4 New Heroes of the Storm Characters

Blizzard’s upcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm looks promising as ever, and Blizzard recently revealed four new heroes they’re adding to the current lineup during a panel at PAX East. If you’re not familiar with Heroes of the Storm, it’s essentially a MOBA in which the heroes are all prominent characters in the respective lores of different Blizzard games. If you’ve ever wanted to watch Illidan go toe-to-toe with Diablo, it’s finally going to be possible. The four heroes announced at the panel included: [...]

Riot Has Delivered – URF Mode Here to Stay (For Now)

What started off as a testament to the beloved manatee Urf has turned into what can only be described as a crazy, normal game phenomenon. Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode has taken the League of Legends community by storm, and what was only supposed to be an April Fool’s Joke has left the players begging for more. URF mode was released on April 1st and was intended to be live until April 7th. However, in light of all the praise URF received [...]

The Wolf Among Us is 40% Off on Steam

I’m sure people don’t really need more reasons to play Telltale Games, but if you’ve been on the fence about buying The Wolf Among Us, now is probably the best time to do so. The game is currently 40% off on Steam in one of the “Midweek Madness” specials, so it’s down from it’s usual price of $24.99 to $14.99. The purchase of the game will essentially act as a season pass, granting you episodes 1-5 of The Wolf Among Us as they [...]

The Elements of Fun – Why League’s Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) Mode is a Success

If you’ve logged onto League of Legends sometime during the past week — or you’ve been diligently reading some of our articles – you’ve probably heard about the newly implemented Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode. The mode is essentially Riot Games’ April Fool’s Joke created in homage to Urf the Manatee who lost his life on April 1st 2010 when Warwick the Werewolf attacked him and then took his skin for his own in-game skin. So as we discuss the [...]

Hearthstone iPad Rollout has Started

Blizzard has been pretty busy lately. With a new expansion for World of Warcraft in the works, a MOBA currently undergoing Alpha testing, and the release of a Diablo III expansion, you’ve got to wonder how they manage everything. Blizzard’s latest foray into an entirely new genre came with Hearthstone and with its great success has come a port to the iPad app store. Blizzard announced today via a press release that Hearthstone is now available on the respective iPad app stores of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. [...]

Release Dates Announced for The Wolf Among Us Episode 3

The universally-acclaimed Telltale Games series, The Wolf Among Us has had fans eagerly awaiting newer episodes with every passing month (and every passing The Walking Dead episode, of course). Telltale took to Twitter today and announced that the third episode of the series, A Crooked Mile, would be coming out next week. The PC/Mac versions are releasing worldwide on April 8th, along with the PlayStation 3 version in North America. The Xbox 360 worldwide release and the European PlayStation 3 release are happening on [...]

Zombie Hunter Inc Preview – Aim for the Dead

There has always been something oddly relaxing about playing a shoot ‘em up game. The appeal in mowing down waves upon waves of mindless enemies with an arsenal of weapons is timeless, which is exactly what Zombie Hunter Inc speaks to. Zombie Hunter Inc puts you in the place of someone who is essentially a mercenary. Your job is to keep those waves of zombies from reaching your client, who sits beyond the far end of the screen. The zombies [...]

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