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Cor blimey guvna, I believe I'm the only British gent writing for this good site. Apart from having crumpets with the queen and enjoying the bloody hell out of free healthcare, I play video games and am occasionally allowed to write about them. Woo!

Hitman GO Launches Today

Oh thank god, thank god, thank god it isn’t free to play. Today Squeenix release their first mobile entry of the Hitman series, titled Hitman GO, for iOS. No, ‘GO’ doesn’t seem to stand for anything, I don’t get it either.  Still, with it coming at a (relatively) hefty price tag of $4.99 and with a claim of it being ‘difficult to master’, there’s actually quite a promise of quality with this one, it’s not a  cheap ‘social’ companion app for sure. Still, the Hitman games [...]

MotoGP and WRC Developer to Put Fans’ Faces Onto Characters of Their Next Game

You might not have heard of Milestone S.r.L. They’re not Criterion or Turn 10, but the Italian developer has been relentlessly pushing out motorbike and rally racing sims for twenty years, and while that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, they’ve certainly won the hearts of whom’s it is. As a token of appreciation for the people who come back every year to drool over the fidelity of MotoGP, World Racing Championships and SBK, their website now allows users to upload a picture of [...]

Release Date for Vita Port of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Announced

The fighting continues as yet another BlazBlue series is soon to hit North American stores. On June 24th BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma (what does that even mean?) will be available in both retail stores and on the Playstation Store for the Vita. Being functionally pretty much the same as the Playstation 3 version of a few weeks back, it will include all of the same fighters, as well as ‘an additional story, an enhanced Abyss Mode and a recap of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and BlazBlue: Continuum [...]

Pokemon Black and White Soundtracks Now Available

Soundtrack fiends and Poke-fans can be happy as the soundtracks for Pokemon Black and Pokemon White can now be, ahem, LEGALLY obtained. This is the latest in the ‘Super Music Collection’ which has been steadily feeding out the OSTs of all the Pokemon games. The collection already has the music of Pokemons up to X and Y, so why Black and White have only hit now is anybody’s guess. Anyway, you hardly need be told that Pokemon has had some legendary soundtracks in the past, so it’s perhaps worth picking this up [...]

“I’m sure they’re going to release an Xbox One without Kinect,” Says Molyneux

God, a Peter Molyneux quote two weeks in a row? It’s like a birthday every time. A birthday on Christmas, except not where I’ve had it all my life and I’ve got used to it. I love it, basically. While the last public statement from ‘The Bald Eagle’ (as I like to call him) could really have been said by anyone – claiming the indie scene was on borrowed time – this latest one is pretty rich coming from him. [...]

Want To See How Big Tamriel Is In The Elder Scrolls Online?

Scale is always something that’s weirded me out in Elder Scrolls games. Due to various technical limitation issues and general design differences, various regions in Tamriel have changed in size in comparison to their map-size hugely throughout the series. For example, in Daggerfall, Tamriel is literally the size of the United Kingdom in-game, a vast plane that without fast travel is virtually untraversable; whereas in Oblivion, Cyrodiil (the largest province in Tamriel) can be crossed corner-to-corner in less than hour. Then, in Skyrim, the map [...]

Dota 2 International Championships Sell Out In An Hour

MOBAs are truly on their way to becoming the StarCraft of the west, it seems. On the back of Dota 2 being one of the most popularly livestreamed games in the world, and Valve’s acclaimed Free to Play documentary about its rapidly growing eSports scene, its live tournaments are now a huge success too. Selling out Seattle’s Key Arena, the 10,000 tickets weren’t cheap either, with a standard pricing of $99. But undeterred, as Doug Lombardi of Valve told OnGamers: ‘Tickets were gone [...]

Deep Silver Joins the Family, With ‘Risen’ Special

GOG supposedly stands for ‘good old games’, but honestly I’ve always called it ‘good old GOG’. The ‘GOG’ in that one also stands for ‘good old GOG’. It goes on forever. It’s GOGs all the way down. But what is GOG? If you’re a PC gamer, you probably already know – it’s a online marketplace for DRM-free and often absurdly cheap games. Well today Deep Silver of Dead Island, Metro and Saints Row IV fame have partnered up with the site, and to get [...]

Video Games Live to Hit London and Manchester in 2014

In a brilliant show of acceptance for the medium, Video Games Live, a hugely successful concert featuring orchestral re-arrangements of video game theme music, is still touring and set to sweep back into the UK for November 2014. Music included will feature ‘Final Fantasy, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Mega Man, Street Fighter, Warcraft, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic the Hedgehog and many more’ and has been world record-winningly popular in the past, garnering a 100,000-person audience in China. Hitting the Manchester O2 [...]

The Elder Scrolls Online Is A-Go! (For Early Access)

Fancy playing The Elder Scrolls Online before the huge traffic (probably) renders the MMORPG completely unplayable? If you’re an Early Access backer of Bethesda’s debut MMO, you can as of today. That doesn’t mean it won’t still be buggy – let’s face it, it’s Bethesda and it’s an online game at launch in 2014, but heck, if you’re paying for Early Access that means you’re paying to be a bugtester anyway and you know what you’re in for! Early Access players have [...]

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