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Alissa fell in love with video games at a young age and has been gaming ever since. She's an avid fan of anything nostalgic and a sucker for a good story. Her time away from the controller is spent taking road trips and working toward a degree in English for New Media. Follow her online on Twitter and XBL as Gliitchy, Steam as Glitchy42, and PSN as Gliiitchy.

PAX East – What Does PAX Mean To You?

PAX is infamous for being absolutely, unimaginably huge. People travel from around the globe just to have a chance to be a member of the tens of thousands of people in attendance every year. But why? What makes PAX so special that people would put so much effort into showing up? I took to the show floor on the busiest day of PAX to ask attendees just what PAX means to them personally and why they’ve grown to love one [...]

PAX East – Sniper Elite 3 Hands-On Impressions

In a world of run-and-gun military shooters, Sniper Elite 3 stands against them all and pushes back against the status quo. The latest game in Rebellion’s Sniper Elite series drops players into North Africa during WWII. Along with a new setting, the game comes packed with new and upgraded features sure to ensnare both past Sniper Elite fans and newbies to the series. Even as someone who has little skill when it comes to shooters, I found myself enjoying what Sniper Elite 3 had [...]


PAX East – Sniper Elite 3 Interview with Robbie Cooke

Any interview where we can seriously discuss blood splatter and new X-ray killcam tech is a good one in my book. After checking out Sniper Elite 3, I met with Robbie Cooke from Rebellion and did just that. Immediately after playing the game, we met to talk about some of the big features of the upcoming game including new stealth mechanics, next gen editions, and the most graphic anatomy lesson I’ve ever had. 


PAX East – Always Sometimes Monsters Interview with Justin Amirkhani

Vagabond Dog’s Always Sometimes Monsters is a game following a character’s journey to reclaim lost love and the choices made along the way. The game focuses heavily on decisions and morality, offering up choices at every turn that serve to actually define choice and morality. Muaz got some hands on time with the game’s PAX East demo while I took a moment to talk with Vagabond Dog’s creative director Justin Amirkhani about the changes Always Sometimes Monsters has undergone since we saw it at [...]


PAX East – Invisible Inc. Interview with Jason Dreger

The tactical espionage game Invisible Inc. from Klei easily won one of Twinfinite’s Game of Show awards for PAX East 2014. It’s only fitting then that we took some time to talk to Klei’s Jason Dreger to talk about just what made this alpha demo Invisible Inc. so great. From a focus on espionage and stealth to the expertly crafted turn based gameplay, Invisible Inc. is a game that will stay on Twinfinite’s radar all the way through development.

PAX East – Fract Hands-On Impressions

Fract isn’t your typical music game. Instead of your usual rhythm based button mashing, Fract puts you inside an abstract world and tasks you with fixing the landscape and restoring the music to the world. The game is based highly on the idea of exploration. Unlike most modern first person games, there is very little hand holding. You’re dropped into the world with only the environment to guide you. Puzzles are at the core of the experience as well. Though visual instructions [...]

PAX East – Secret Ponchos Hands-On Impressions

Secret Ponchos, the upcoming online combat game by developer SwitchBlade Monkeys, is the PS4 game I never knew I needed in my life until now. Going into the game I had expected a straightforward battle arena, but what I got was that and way more. The gunslinger quickly became one of my favorite games on the PAX East showfloor. Secret Ponchos pits you against 7 other players in an all out bounty hunting battle. Players can choose between a total of [...]

PAX East – The Evil Within Hands-Off Impressions

Bethesda has been hyping up their new horror title The Evil Within for a while now with a slew of trailers and screenshots. Going into the hands-off gameplay demonstration, I had expected to experience the type of horror game that would stand up to the psychologically trying content that had been shown in the past. Instead, this demonstration of The Evil Within left me unfrightened and generally unimpressed. The demo introduced us to a cityscape, distorted and morphed by the evil forces at work. [...]

#DeveloperTweets You Missed Last Week – Rausing Concerns

If the terrible pun in the title wasn’t a tip off, this week saw some twitter drama revolving around Vlambeer’s (@Vlambeer) recently released game Luftrausers. I use the word drama lightly, because at the core of the issue there really was no controversy. In a conversation which can more or less be summed up by the screencap below, Elizabeth Simins (@ElizSimins) voiced her concerns over one of the themes of the game; the idea that you are playing as a Nazi [...]

Magical Disney 3DS XL Confirmed for US Release

If you already don’t have a 3DS XL, Nintendo and Disney are giving you another reason to pick one up. To go along with the release of Disney Magical World on April 11th, Nintendo is releasing a limited edition white 3DS. Japan has had the system since last year but this is the first we’ve seen of a US release. The catch? This handheld will only be available at Walmart. Still, its a nice looking handheld and worth hunting down. The [...]

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