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Yami is Founder and Editor in Chief of this fine establishment. When not ranting about video game advertising, she's trying to make the gaming community less cynical.

Games You’re Looking Forward to This Year? – Twinfinite Discusses

Hey there! We’re back with another Twinfinite Discusses with special guest Muaz! He’s filling in for Austin and Alex these couple of weeks as they ran off to get married and go on their honeymoon, but we weren’t invited. I know, it’s a very confusing story that almost sounds like a lie (they’ll be back in a couple of weeks). This Twinfinite Discusses, we tackled the questions you sent in. Such topics as which games we’re looking forward to this [...]


Yami’s Sporadic PAX East Diary – Gaming Happens

If you’ve never watched one of my sporadic diaries at conventions, you’ll be really confused with this. Even though I wasn’t at PAX East this year, I decided that my diary must live on. Because I’ve heard so many great things about them, and I live off of compliments. So, I’m sorry for missing Gaming Happens last Friday, but here’s what I was up to the whole weekend.


Everything’s Coming Up Smash Bros. – Vlogging About Video Games

Are you crazy excited the next Super Smash Bros. like I am? Well, let’s hop right into the latest Vlogging About Video Games and chat about it together, shall we? It was a slow noos week, and I really only cared about the Smash Bros. direct. Thank GYAH for the questions you all sent in. (This week, I took from our Youtube community’s comments!) Oh, and I’m sorry about the crazy lighting! It’s this asshole called the sun. Yeah, guess [...]

Secrets of Raetikon Release Date Revealed

We received a tip at our inbox (through carrier pigeon, I know, so weird) that Secrets of Raetikon finally has a release date! The action-filled exploration title will be escaping its Early Access moniker and officially release on April 17th. You’ll be able to grab it on Steam, the Humble Store, or Mac App Store.

Secret Ponchos Will Be Early Accessing It up on PC

Switchblade Monkeys announced today that Secret Ponchos won’t just be limited to PS4 users, it’s opening up to the PC elitists as well. This summer, the new “spaghetti western” indie title will be available on Steam through Early Access to help with the development and get it to its full potential by the time it launches officially on PC and PS4. No word on when that will be, though. I’m excited for Secret Ponchos either way; I’m not alone in [...]


Famous Celebrities in an RPG? Mobile Nintendo? And More! – Twinfinite Discusses

You wanted wardrobe changes, so you got them. A lot. Like, within this one episode, there’s at least four. Anyway, this week on Twinfinite Discusses, we answer the very important topics and questions you sent in. What character classes would Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Trina, and Rihanna be in an RPG? Should Nintendo embrace mobile? And which franchise would you love to give to another developer to handle (my answer is the best)?

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